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I’m finally finished! Bar some cable management to fix the smart extension on the back, it is complete. I promised a wee breakdown of how I did it and what I used, so here it is! Cabinet: Rusta Ikea cabinet with cable management holes. This cabinet was easy enough to assemble, I defied the instructions and did it myself. Got various similar looking pieces mixed up a few times and skipped a page in the instructions so had to undo lots of steps, but that’s an average Ikea build, right? I completed the cabinet all the way up until the shelves step, I don’t need to add the solid glass shelves as I’m planning on getting some laser cut ones with holes in to help airflow. Everything from this point is from Amazon: ☔️ Weatherproofing : E-Prouse silicone door seal strip This step was genuinely a therapeutic time. Just finding the gaps and using the self adhesive to close them up. It stayed for mmmm about 24 hours before the corners have started turning up. I’m just going to go back in with some super glue and reseal it. I recon the humidity being so consistent is just meaning it’s raising, so no biggie 💨 Fans: 80mm , U804 Usb Fan With 3 Speeds Control These are just wee fans for cooling consoles or PCs from the outside. Three speeds and usb connected. These are to help the airflow in the cabinet, stagnant air can cause mould, so the fans run 24/7. Easy to screw together, one of them sits on the bottom, and one is hooked up to the top by… 🧲 Magnetic hooks: Neosmuk brand and these are super strong. Not only do they hold up the fan, they are also there to hold the suspended macrame hangers from the roof of the cabinet! The joy of the cabinet having a metal lid and back means stuff is suspended without drilling holes. 🌡 Humidity / temperature metre: ThermoPro TP55 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer. This wee thing has a back lit touch screen, averages what the lowest temp to highest temp will be, same with the humidity too. It’s got a magnet on the back and just sits there showing me the stats of the cabinet! ⛲️ Water feature: Creative Touch Heart of Nature Indoor Water Fountain I went for a water fountain rather than a traditional spray humidifier because this option is less likely to cause the cabinet to rust. So far, it’s working a treat. It looks cool, sounds nice and if it means the lifespan of the cabinet is longer, that’s good in my book. 💡 Growlights: Barrina LED T5 Grow Light, Full Spectrum, 2ft 80W These are glorious. There are many many options for how to link them together. I opted for using the cables to daisy chain them to then connect to the mains from the back. Each light has its own switch as well as an overall switch on the mains cable. This means whilst the cabinet only has three plants in, I can switch off some lights whilst still having enough for what’s in there. Worth every penny! 🌱 Extras I got: smart home extension lead from Kasa by TP Link. This basically just means that I can have the whole lot controllable on my phone! It’s all scheduled so I don’t even have to do anything other than top up the water fountain every few days. I’m pretty chuffed. It took me 3 days and about £350 to put together. I’ll obviously keep you all updated on how things grow over the next few weeks!! 🌱 #HappyPlants #Nallon #IkeaCabinet #PLANTMAFIA #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #GregGang #GrowLights #Greenhouse #IndoorGreenhouse