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Good Morning! #GregGang! Please stay away from this shop on #etsy . I can鈥檛 say it鈥檚 an #EtsyScamShops member but I can tell you that I never leave less than stellar reviews unless there鈥檚 a real issue. And this is a first! I have over 1k plants and most aren鈥檛 on the app. I ordered two large spiral aloes which they sent and right out of the boxes, there were broken leaves, they looked a bit overwatered, and had mushy leaves. I set them on a shelf and woke up to one leaking sap from the bottom. That same day, as the plants had arrived very dirty, I went to wipe the leaves off one and they started falling off. Next day, rot started taking over. When I contacted them, they said they didn鈥檛 know what happened and they would wait until other buyers would review the other aloes. One plant is unlike the other even if they look the same. One may have been overwatered more than the others. Logical concept, yes? No, it appears they cannot fathom the point. The picture they sent me was supposed to be of my aloe but that鈥檚 just a picture. The chance it was actually mine is questionable because I have pictures of what I received and they don鈥檛 look like the picture they sent which looks exactly like their listing image except for the date. They offered me one replacement that I could drive over to pick up once they move to Pflugerville from California (??) during my initial message to them. Well, now the other aloe is a goner as well. Clearly, they were overwatered and damaged before shipping and they are saying they don鈥檛 know what happened.I鈥檒l let you all tell me what you think. I鈥檒l add the link so you can see the videos in the reviews. And I will also attach images of what I saw last night and this morning. Save yourself the money and do not buy from them. There are no refunds and obviously they aren鈥檛 aware that I am very aware of caring for aloes, agaves, and succulents. I have not heard back from them since my message last night telling them the aloes were rotting. I spent $200 on plants I expected would be healthy but that鈥檚 not what I got. And rather than say, 鈥淲e can send another one out to you right away!鈥, they want me to drive 1.5 hours once they move to Texas. Nope! I hate doing this because I find it tasteless however, I鈥檇 rather you know whom you cannot trust via their service. Link and more info in comments. #EtsyShopsToStayAwayFrom #SucculentSquad #Agave #Euphorbia #AloeVera #Aloe #SanAntonioGregGang #CentralTexasGang #Philodendron #AnthuriumQueen