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Found this awesome way to propagate corms! Thought I would share #AlocasiaAddicts #PropagationStation #Propagation #corms Sharing my corm-growing technique. I know there are an infinite number of ways to grow corms and I鈥檝e tried a lot of different ways myself. I recently tried a new way, combining the most successful aspects of a few different methods I鈥檝e used, and for now at least, this way is the fastest, easiest, least mess, least work, and most successful for me, so I figured I鈥檇 share in case anyone is interested. I got 2 oz clear plastic cups from Amazon, I took a small stack of them and I heated up a long (3鈥) nail (hold the nail with pliers!) and then I put the hot nail through the bottoms of the small stack of cups, this just saves me from having to put a hole in each cup, one by one. Then I take the same number of cups that have no hole in them. Now I fill the cups that have no hole with fluval stratum and moisten it with water or whatever you use, and bury one corm in each cup but leave the top 1/3 of each corm above the stratum so it can get air. Then put a cup with a hole on top over and tape it on. That鈥檚 it. Label it and put it into a grow cabinet under grow lights. It now has its own humidity dome, you can see root development, you can watch it grow without having to open it or mess with it in any way, you can use an eye dropper to drip a couple droplets of water into the hole at the top if it dries out, but it probably won鈥檛 need it, and it has room to grow a leaf, too. And then you just remove the top cup and leave it there until it needs to be repotted. I鈥檓 blown away by my new method. In a matter of literally 3 days this corm went from just plucked from the mother plant with no roots, to rooting and having an inch long start of its first leaf.