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Long post alert 🚨 ‌ Propagation updates! ‌ I thought i would share all my props and how they’re doing so far! I’ve been really trying to not stare at them every day 🫠 it’s very hard, but this week I’ve been so busy and just didn’t even have time to look. But surprise! Most are doing a lot better than when i last looked at them. ‌ ‌ • first big surprise was my baby sun rose props. I cut three vines, two filled with leaves and one without any leaves. 🍃 The two vines with leaves had half their leaves plucked so it wouldn't focus too much on keeping the leaves healthy vs growing roots but i think i still kept too many leaves. They’ve been propagating for the last month and hadn’t show roots vs the vine with no leaves started to grow roots within 2 weeks! Today though, i noticed that there’s finally roots on all three vines. Win! 🏆 ‌ • next surprise was my silver syngonium, i tried propping three of my four types of syngonium. I wasn’t sure if i had cut low enough on this one. I had no idea where the node was! It’s so obvious on my “Berry” syngonium but my Silver and Pink ones aren't as mature I guess?? to show nodes like Kiwi-Berry does. Nonetheless she finally started to root! ‌ • Kiwi my berry syngonium rooted after two-three weeks and they look strong!! 🥝 I also cut one leaf of my Pink Syngonium… but theres no nodes so i don’t think anything will happen for it. Hasn’t died yet tho lol ‌ • My mother plant for my string of hearts is doing okkk… some of her hearts shrivel up and i couldn't tell if it was too much sun or not enough water.. But her babies are doing great, in the same window so I’m sure it’s a watering issue cause she’s here thriving and BLOOMING 💖 Her mom hasn’t flowered since i brought her home but her mini me grew roots and started popping out flowers consistently since. Just in awe! ‌ • My prayer plant! 🌱 Ah! This plant has easily risen to be one of my favorites. Mom gave me flowers and i love watching her change. This prop was so easy, she hasn’t given me any trouble, she’s pushing out two new leaves, her roots are already so long and healthy looking. Within a week of being cut she started to push out roots. She made me so proud 10/10 ‌ ➡️ more in comments ! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PropagationStation #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy #Propagation #BabySunRose #StringOfHearts #Syngonium #SyngoniumSquad #ArrowheadPlant #PrayerPlant #Begonia #BegoniaBunch #NervePlant #GregGang #Greggers