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Ok, calling all Plant and Art fans! (& Especially Plant-Art fans!! Lol 馃槀).... Or, just anyone who just wants a pictorial reference to ID certain species... I saw a post earlier (which I've now lost!! Sorry!!) with a Philo leaf ID picture on it... So I shared my similar Pothos pic and realised I'd lost the other couple I had saved.. Long story short... I ended up contacting the artist directly (after finding her again on Insta) to check she was ok with me reposting her artwork and she answer REALLY quickly with a resounding YES! 馃グ She's a plant fiend (like us), who has just joined us on Greg! Lol 馃ぃ & I'm SO excited to share these BEAUTIFUL diagrams that she hand drew... Of loads of different species too! 馃ぉ So... please welcome @halleplants! You can find her at @HallePlants on Insta, or (if you love these as much as I do!!) on Etsy and Halleplants on Amazon!! Not only has she joined us on Greg... She's VERY kindly created a special discount code JUST FOR US!! 馃槻馃槑馃グ You can use code GREG15 in her Etsy shop to get a 15% discount on her beautiful prints! 馃コ馃コ How's that for a super special piece of planty GOLD! 馃 Check out these beauties... The Philo ones I love in particular! You can get the single or as a group of four (I've only posted one here) but even if you're not into them as art... They're really bloody useful just as a visual ID guide! Please check her out... My new yoga-studio-come-plant room (once the renovations are finished) will be COVERED in these gorgeous prints!! 馃槏 Halle... I hope you see these when you join! (I know you were downloading Greg after our chat lol) xx P.s. sorry that good old glitch happened again... It's double posted the Yrad image and dropped another, and now I can't change it fit some reason?! Lmao... But you'll see what I mean! 馃グ Welcome Halle! You're gonna love it here! Lol 馃グ馃ぃ xx #Greggang #tradescantiatroupe #monstera #monsteramob #philodendron #pothos #pothospack #philoflock #syngonium #begonia #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantart #idmyplant #jennib81