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I finally repotted my #BlueStemYucca into a terracotta pot that鈥檚 nice and snug so he won鈥檛 get overwatered and amended his soil to ensure good drainage. I think he look smashing! I also repotted my biggest #SnakePlant because she did not like her first pot. This looks way cuter, anyway. While I was at it, I repotted my mom鈥檚 20 year old #AloeVera because I recently trimmed some of the older leaves that had gotten droopy/flat and she鈥檚 put out all these new ones on top! The 4th pic: I rescued a wild New York fern from the weed whacker because it was just too adorable. I tried potting it, but I don鈥檛 have any deep enough that are also narrow enough to avoid overwatering so I need to go hunting. Until then, it鈥檚 perfectly happy in my #PropagationStation in some water! It鈥檚 even growingg a new baby leaf, which is currently all rolled into a precious little spiral 馃ス馃尶 Just adorable. And I can鈥檛 post anymore without sharing #BennyTheTreeFrog! He is so comfortable living in this flower pot on my deck, last night decided to see how close he would let me get with my camera. Well, he let me get about an inch from his face 馃ぃ馃惛 then he backed up a bit and looked at me as if to say, 鈥渙kay, crazy woman, that鈥檚 enough.鈥 He stayed right where he was, though and I thanked him for being such a good subject 馃摳 What is making you all happy this week? Tell me all about it, plant-related or not! Feel free to post pics to go along with it! 馃挅馃尶馃槆 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #GregGang #plantfriendsarethebestfriends #babevila #BennyTheTreeFrog