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I’ve been gone for a couple days due to some hectic things going on in my life, but I’m back with an early #birthdayhaul I was a little bit disappointed, because one of my lithops I ordered was rotted and wouldn’t have ever had a chance. but I think most of the others will be able to make a comeback! Here is what I have potted so far. The rest aren’t pictured yet. But I will show them off soon! Pic 1• ‘Irish bouquet’ Aeonium ☘️ Her roots were super frail and she had gotten really beat up in the mail & her lil sticky leaves covered in dirt! we’re rooting for her, but she’s still in between spa treatments lol. Pic 2• Sedeveria ‘dark elf’ he’s so handsome maybe even SHORT, DARK & handsome 😂😏 he came a lil dry and was dying for a drink, so he got one. I did get to pot him up in my new bonsai jack (with added succ. Soil, per recommendation from the #GregGang ) 🥰 I didn’t get a picture of him in the pot, but I will soon. Pic 3• Sabrina my lifesaver cactus bloom is getting bigger by the day!! I’m so ready for her to show off her pretty little bloom, she also has three more starting to form! (Not part of the haul) just an update! Pic 4• sulcorebutia rauschii 🤩 she is quite the stunner if you ask me, and this was one I was most excited about so I’m glad she came with healthy roots ! I repotted with bonsai jack and a bit of soil & sand! Gave her a drink cause she was very thirsty! And now she is chilling under grow lights! 🥹 Pic 5• Snow White panda plant 🤍 & would you believe it ? She was ALSO incredibly I made sure I got her all hydrated after her repot, #BottomWaterOnly of course! She has a cute lil bloom on her! I’ve never seen a panda plant bloom. Super cute. idk if I should cut it or leave because I’m not sure how it flowering translates to it’s growth and it being reported ? Any suggestions? ~~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 , I’m not sure if I will have time to participate in the #GregGetsSpooky due to a family member being in hospice I haven’t had time to get anything together, but I sure am enjoying seeing you guys entries! Hope you all have a fun & safe Halloween. 🍂🎃✨ #SucculentSquad #CactusClique #PlantAddict #Sulcorebutia #PandaPlant #aeonium #Sedeveria