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My lovely Trad "pale puma" (which is a hybrid, somewhere between a Pallida and a Sillamontana), Ghost got a LONG overdue haircut this morning! (in between me swatting up on plant lights, PPFD and DLI! 馃), but as she has really CHUNKY stems I had to look for a different solution than my usual prop jar... Enter, my alcohol miniatures! 馃ぃ I saved the Ophir Gin bottles coz they were pretty and they've just been collecting dust for ages... I felt inspired! Lol the others were left over from a party LOOOONG ago! Lol, the next day I'd decanted the (tiny bits of) remaining spirits into these plain glass bottles rather than keep the full sized ones (& just Sharpied the lids, to know what was what lol)... But it still wasn't enough! so, being a hoarder who doesn't throw sh*t away I remembered I had empty spice and herb jars! PERFECTION!! for a skinnier stemmed plant I would've left the plastic "sprinkle" tops on. As the spice jars have only four holes, which would nicely hold four skinny stems.... As Ghost is a chunky girl I took them off but it made me wonder... What innovative prop jars do the #greggang use? I'm sure not everyone has bought proper ones so show me your goodies! 馃槣馃ぃ I'm always looking for new ways to reuse household items! #propegation #tradescantia #ReuseAndRelove! EDIT: these bottles were thoroughly cleaned AND sterilised before I used them this way! Lol 馃槀 EDIT 2: please forgive the filthy windows & surrounds!! 馃 I've not got to that part of my "spring" cleaning yet! Hahaha 馃ぃ x