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What is an aroid? 🤔 We all love to collect these beautiful beings, but what exactly are they and why are they different from other plants? Aroid is a colloquial name for the family name araceae! All araceae are monocots, but what is a monocot? (Pic 1) All flowering plants are either a monocotyledon or a dicotyledon, you may have grown a plant from seed and notice the first leaf or two. This will tell you what you have! A monocot will make one leaf a dicot will make two. (Pic 1) This often continues through its life, like a monstera making just one leaf at a time, not a pair of leaves like a mint plant. Pretty cool huh?! It also means other things but I won’t go into details here (let me know if you want to learn more) 💚 Okay so now we know aroids are monocots, what other differencess does it have? 🕵️‍♀️ Well you may have noticed the awesome flowers of a peace lily before. Did you know this is actually a modified leaf called a spathe, with a spike called a spadix. Pic 2) The male and female parts of the inflorescence can be either perfect or imperfect. This just means they can be seperated into different sections (imperfect) or all together to make lots of tiny flowers (perfect) (pic 3) Is there anything else cool about aroids? You bet! Many varieties can generate thier own heat especially during flowering! Not only that but they descended from low land swamp dwelling plants. This gave them the ability the ability to have roots that can withstand floods! Such an epic feat means we can water propagate these plants easily and even keep them alive in water permanently with good nutrition! Now we know what aroids are, how many types are in your collection!?! Here’s a list of of some of the most popular aroids (there are many more than this to explore too!) Alocasia Anthurium Amorphophallus (pic 4) Anubias Amydrium Arum Adelomena Aglaonema Bucephalandra Caladium Calla Colocasia Cryptocoryne Cyrtosperma Dieffenbachia Epipremnum Homalomena Monstera Philodendron Pothos (every plant you think Is a pothos probably isn’t. pic 5) Rhapidophora Scindapsus Schismattoglottis Spathiphyllum Syngonium Wolffia Zamioculcas Zantedeschia Phew that was some list 😮‍💨 Don’t stress if you don’t recognise many but I’m sure you’ll notice a few you may own! This is one of the most amazing plant families in my opinion. If you found this interesting and would like to like to learn more about aroids or other families please let me know! Thanks for reading so far if you got to the end 😅 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #AroidHeros #aroids #Anthurium #PeaceLily #Amorphophallus #ZzPlant #Philodendron #Monstera #Syngonium #Homalomena #Dieffenbachia #PothosPack #Colocasia #AlocasiaAddicts #Rhaphidophora #Scindapsus #PLANTMAFIA #HoyaAddictHome