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Here鈥檚 my weekend recap, Friday - waiting for my friend to make it home from college, I鈥檓 bored hmm I got off work early let鈥檚 go downtown before the shops close, ooo plant store, internal me *morgan you can鈥檛 you鈥檙e by yourself and your broke with no self control* , well i go and leave with 2 new babies a satin pothos and a brazil philo 馃槉, hmm let鈥檚 go to the tattoo shop and have him change your daith piercing, okay yay gold hoop 馃コ, hmm let鈥檚 go home and take care of my plants do da do da Sat - me and my boyfriend go to spend the night with his sister who lives in lex ooo more plant places hehe, nah let鈥檚 chill today we鈥檒l go tomorrow Sun - wake up yay! Let鈥檚 go to Trader Joe鈥檚, ooo plant babies cheap, my boyfriend (Landon) 鈥淗ey mo look at this coin plant you鈥檝e been wanting鈥 (pilea peperomoides, he calls them coins lol) 鈥渙mg it鈥檚 3.99 I need it鈥 -me - also me *no you just bought two let鈥檚 control ourselves* do da do da around Trader Joe鈥檚 some more 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e still thinking about it go get it you know the plant place has it for way more鈥 - Landon *dang it he鈥檚 right I must go get it* -me ,, buys the plant yayyyy 鈥- on our way home wait plant nursery!!! *me sad cause I鈥檓 broke and so many pretty wishlist plants 馃槄 #Storytime #PileaPeperomioides #ChineseMoneyPlant #SatinPothos #BrasilPhilodendron #PhiloFlock #PothosPack #NewGrowth #caretips #plantmommo #NKYGregGroup #GregGang