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@VerdantFlora avatar @VerdantFlora · 2w
We’ve been attacked! By #RootRot. 😱 All because my squirrel brain forgot a step. My child picked out a #CallaLily two weeks ago. She had a giant amount of roots under the pot, and I gave her my customary week to acclimate before adding repotting stress. I generally repot everything into a plastic nursery pot and then that goes into a decorative cover pot. But I had to buy one as I didn’t have the right size. The store didn’t have nursery pots the size I needed so I got a ‘decorative’ plastic one. When I get these I remove the saucer on the bottom, because you know… #drainage. I watered after repotting and let her drain before putting her back in her spot. I saw some leaves and flowers droop after a few days and thought it was repotting stress. Yesterday I finally realized her soil was way more wet than it should be. So I brought her into the kitchen to have a good look at her. And water poured out of the still attached saucer… 😱 you could squeeze the soil at the bottom of the pot and water would run off. We’re on the road to recovery now! She lost 90+% of her root system and multiple leaf and flower stalks. What’s remaining is droopy but wasn’t squishy and looked good. The bulb was still healthy, I cleaned the remaining roots and tried to use a 4” pot for how many roots were left, but the bulb was too large, so she’s in a 5” pot. Hopefully she recovers well. She was quite beautiful. She did manage to hold on to this beautiful flower. I’m hoping she’ll pull through and not hate me for missing that crucial step…. I’m so sorry! 😭 #PlantAddict #NotSoHappyPlants #PlantMoms #GregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #Greggers #PlantTherapy #VerdantFlora