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Oh yeah, they were ready to go! It was a bit of an experiment having one set in pearlite and one in just water. Here鈥檚 what I noticed between them: 鈥 They both did start in water, one in the glass pasta jar (A), and one in an opaque jug (B). I noticed within the first two weeks that plant B鈥檚 roots were far longer than plant A鈥檚! I think this was to do with being in a dark jug? In the wild, a monstera will dip its nodes and air roots in to dark puddles for extra water, so I鈥檓 wondering if this was a good mimic for nature. That鈥檚 when I decided to try pearlite for glass jar A. 鈥 Once the glass jar had pearlite in it, plant A took off. I kept the waterline at about three inches in to the jar, this way the plant really was using the pearlite to grow downward and create really established, healthy roots 鈥 B steadily grew, round and round and round the bottom of the jug, eventually growing the establishing roots from those original spirals 鈥 At the point of repotting, they鈥檝e been establishing for 6+ months now. Seems potentially like too long, but I knew these guys were going in to a BIG pot at some point so wanted to give them a fighting chance. The leaves they were establishing from were very mature from my old plant, Bastard, (called because he was a Big Bastard) 鈥 I think patience is key with plants like this, never pot before the roots are branching off from the initial one. For me, I鈥檓 proud I鈥檓 at the potting stage! Need to make another order with Off You Prop on Etsy, as 20L of soil wasn鈥檛 enough to fill Fernie鈥檚 whole pot!!?! Can鈥檛 wait to keep him growing well 馃馃挌 #PropToPot #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #RootPorn #Nallon #MonsteraMob #PlantCorner #PLANTMAFIA #PlantPhotoClub