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#freshleaffriday updates! Woohoo! 馃グ So hard to choose just five since all the lovelies are really starting to kick into high gear now the warmer, brighter weather is coming in! But here we go (assuming the photos don't "rearrange" themselves! Lol 馃ぃ) 1. My #Monstera Adansonii is putting out her second new leaf since I got her a couple of weeks ago! 馃グ It's nearly time to repot her and give her something to climb as she's growing RAPIDLY! #Everyoneshouldhaveamonsty 2. My baby #philodendronbirkin's leaf is nearly unfurled! Hoping for a lovely, large(r) leaf... She's only teeny but looks at those stripes! 馃槏 3. After a MASSIVE slow down in growth recently my Velvet #Calathea (or "Furry Feather" as I know they're called elsewhere .. what a cute name! Lol) has produced not one but FOUR new leaves, which are all coming up rapidly! 馃ぉ 4. My poor, battered Fan #aloe (which I nearly sent the way of my previous aloes... To the great compost heap in the sky! Lol 馃馃ぃ) is actually really rocking now in her new pot and new position! The tiny leaf I noticed and posted last week has REALLY grown! And there's just the tip of a new leaf visible that's she's started working on already! I think the worst has passed (& I could NOT have done it without the help of the amazing #greggang!!) 5. My #tradescantiapallida is putting out new leaves a plenty, and this wee baby just popped up! May have to move her to ensure that lovely deep purple colour stays gorgeous! #tradescantiatroupe I love #freshleaffriday! 馃グ Thanks for admiring #Greggang! #plantsmakepeoplehappy xxx