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@PoisonIvys avatar @PoisonIvys · 1Y
#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantID #madscientist #evilgenius #CollectingPlantStuff #Philodendron #PhiloFlock #PhilodendronPinkPrincess #PhiloAddict #PhilodendronDarkLord #EpicQuestForTheRoyalCourt #TipsandTricks I randomly decided to collect the “Royal Court” of Philodendrons. Usually that’s the 3 whites, White Princess, White wizard and White knight. While I was looking into those I came across another collection that’s seeming to become popular lately and I kind of adore it, just quietly. I don’t usually like There’s been a few bumps collecting the expanded addition, like figuring out which Philos are the royals and which aren’t….. So far on my Epic Quest For The Royal Court I have discovered: # 1 and # 4 are the same plant, dark lord is the new name for Ace/king of spades. # 5 and # 8 are the same plant, a burgundy princess is a reverted pink princess. # 7 and # 9 are both new plants, Bloody Mary and Painted lady weren’t part of the court until recently. # 6 Philodendron Emerald King is sometimes marketed as an Green Emerald # 7 Philodendron Bloody Mary is sometimes marketed as Black Majesty So far I have collected 6 of the Royal court! Dark Lord White Wizard White Princess Pink Princess Prince of Orange White Knight Now I wouldn’t have copped the nickname Poison Ivy if there wasn’t a little mad science involved… just a touch! Promise! #experimenttime After coming across this new info, I have come up with a few planty experiments. Nothing too crazy just playing with light levels and seeing the plants reactions really. I will be doin my best to get hold of another lighter dark lord or try and hunt down an old school king of spades and beg for a cutting as well as a burgundy princess. I’m assuming both plants will do their natural thing and regain some of their lighter colours if they’re put with the rest under the same lighting. The idea to is to attempt to find at least another dark lord and 2 burgundy princesses. Then I can have 1 of each in different lighting conditions and see what they do 🧐🤪 Pink Princess has stable variegation and is known for lightening in colour when given lots of bright indirect light, so my hypothesis is that a burgundy will regain most of its lighter colouring if it’s grown next to a Pink Princess under the same lighting. There isn’t a lot of info about the Dark Lord which is frustration at it’s finest having not 1 but 2 plant names for an older hybrid and neither gives me any good info. My hypothesis for this plant being green and not variegated is it would lighten with enough light to look like the greener leaf depicted as King of Spades.