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Babyfiretiger13 avatar @Babyfiretiger13 · 1M
2 month update on #ParlourPalm division A couple of months ago I divided my very bushy and root bound parlour palm from one big one into three plants each into 6 inch pots. They all struggled in the beginning for a few weeks with stunted growth as I think they were in shock. #1 is doing okay, she gets one or two crispy fronds every couple of weeks that I cut off once completely brown but she has some growth at least so I’m not too, too worried. She gets light from an east facing window about 8 feet away and also from a south facing window about 10 feet away. #2 has really thrived! She has lots of new growth all over! Not one crispy frond! She is directly in front of an east facing window and receives bright direct morning sunlight and bright indirect light throughout the day. #3 has been STRUGGLING to say the least! At first I had her close to a south facing window….that was a no go! I then moved her into my recovery plant center a couple weeks ago (aka upstairs bathtub) that receives filtered bright light from a south facing window. I can’t bring myself to end her misery so I’ll just see how she does and just try to be consistent with her care. Conclusion: SUNLIGHT IS KEY! I thought all along these things would burn etc with bright direct sunlight and needed extra humidity. Not in this case. They love that bright morning sunlight and aren’t fussy at all if you provide them that! I’m learning more and more as I get more experienced with this plant journey that I can’t just put a plant anywhere just because it looks nice or fits the vibe! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #BeforeAndAfter #ParlourPalm #PLANTMAFIA #GregGang