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Welcome to CP Club Thursday for this 1st week of 2024, 6 June 🌟OVER 100 MEMBERS !🌟 FEATURE CP: Butterworts are referred to as “pings” from their scientific name Pinguicula, this name means “little greasy one” in Latin. That’s right, over ONE HUNDRED!!! And its the 80th Anniversary of D-Day 1944 (Operation Overlord) #cpclubthursday #theamigos #Seymour What an incredible week! We made it to 100 members which is an incredible feat, thanks every single one of the wonderful 100 plus !!! And so many new CPs and CP owners. So this week there is a BUTTERWORTS competition so vote for your favorite BUTTERWORTS at the following link: https:// And following on from previous weeks, I have a separate post coming on potential Butterwort names for my ping in a Boot without a standard boring name so go to #helpmenamemyplant or go to this link: https:// Butterworts are the carnivorous plant equivalent of flypaper. Commonly referred to as “pings” from their scientific name Pinguicula, this name means “little greasy one” in Latin. It is derived from their broad green leaves that are covered with tiny glandular hairs that secrete sticky mucilage, greasy to the touch. Add any interesting Carnivorous Plant (CP) facts, photos, or anything CP-related for this week. Or ask a question of our members related to CPs Join the CP just by clicking the link #cpclubthursday and clicking join. That is all it takes! Too easy! There is already a wealth of CP and Butterworts information so why not just join our growing CP community at #cpclubthursday! Happy Chompys 😊🪰🦟🚫 #cpclubthursday #carnivorousplants #carnivorousclub #venusflytrap #sarracenia #pinguicula #nepenthes #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #happyplants #greggang #seymour #theamigos #Pinguicula #butterwort #NewGrowth #NewPlantMom #Greggers

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GUESS WHO'S BACK 😎😎 hellooo my beautiful gregger friends 💚 I've been away for a while cause last week was my birthday and yet my mental health was not giving festive vibes,, 🤪 so my plate was full. I've been having quite a bit going on lately, and now it's time to catch up on my responsibilities, so can't promise I'll be too active for now yet, but bear w me 😭🫂 I do bring other news, however!! 1. I was gifted a blue hydrangea for my birthday, and today I'll repot her. Haven't picked a name yet so pls stay tuned for a #helpmenamemyplant post 🫶🏻 , and most importantly, care advice for her would be most welcome. I heard hydrangeas aren't too fussy, but still; I wanna see her thrive 🥳 2. I got ericaceous soil, but unfortunately I don't have the other stuff to add to the mix yet. I think I can try to get some coco coir, but orchid bark and perlite probably aren't a possibility atm. Is there anything you'd normally have at home that'd work as replacement? should I wait to repot them all when I have everything? 3. My adansonii has a lot of new growth 🥳 but I do have to give it a bit more soil, too. Also yet to name it, so another #helpmenamemyplant post 🤩 4. Piper isn't doing too hot... I'll make a separate post for that 😥 5. Last but not least, I'm gonna repot my Goeppertia Orbifolia. I'm looking at u, @MockingJay 👀. I was gracefully taught that these "fancy pants rich mcgees over here" are very expressive ab not having their requirements met, so I'll be placing her under the bathroom window, which gets A TON of humidity (she better not complain ab this anymore istg), good brightness but no direct sunlight, and it's nowhere close to a heater. I cannot think of a better place so honestly this is my last resort (**suffocation, no breathing 😩🎶**) About the struggling ones, I'll be making separate posts (oh boy do I have a lot to write up...), and I'm counting on everyone for those 🙏🏻 Appreciate the attention & luv y'all 🫶🏻 (attached a pic of my Hydrangea and my Adansonii for those who are curious 🥰🤗❤️) #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #greggerssupportinggreggers #newgrowth #monsteramonday #monsteraadonsonii #hydrangea #repotseason #repotting #plantaddict #planttherapy #greggang #greggers #theamigos @Corinne @FlowerFairy @Avocadonerd @Gustavo @FicusOnTheGood @FlowerFairy @ILoveMyPlants @JenniB81 @JesssJungle @LaSiguanaba @Macstracks @MockingJay @PoisedAlbo @RulerSapote @Seymour