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This is a long one (shocking I know, but bear with me). If you don’t want to read it all scroll down and read the last 3 short paragraphs 😂 A year ago this room was empty of plants (except a gorgeous cyclamen my parents gave me). I’m a May baby and my mom has always given me plants for my birthday intended for my yard (hydrangea, hibiscus, etc). May 2023 I actually told her to stop buying me plants for my yard because I didn’t want to take care of them. 🥺 By August, I had a lot of things going on personally and needed something positive to focus on (other than my adorable Aussie Sophie🥰). I had a friend who loved indoor plants so I figured, why not try. I ordered a mystery 3 pack on Amazon for like $14… and there it began. Fast forward to May 2024 and I have between 200 & 300 plants (indoors and out). I’m in the process of making my deck feel like a tropical oasis (pictures to come once staining and sealing is complete). My home is 30 years old so I had the previous landscaping removed to start fresh. I haven’t planted yet, but I’ve got everything where I think I want it. Leaving everything where it is for a week or so to make sure the plants and I agree they’re where they should be. I’ve added a few photos of where things are now. I’ll share pics when it’s done. While stress and a need for distraction were part of it, the main catalyst that contributed to my plant addiction was the Greg app and this amazing community. Not only did the app help me learn to provide proper care, it helped me find people who full of positivity & knowledge (and of course the extra plants that I “needed” to buy 😍). I’m not sure why I decided to write this novel this morning, but the main message is one of gratitude. This isn’t just a plant app. It’s family, friends, support, encouragement, creativity, sharing, and probably most importantly, a place we’ve found where we can be ourselves because we all understand each other (and likely the majority of us need a Plant Addicts Anonymous support group 🫣😂). This is one of the few (if not only) social media communities where we’re all just kind to each other. And we’ve got the freedom to create new groups when the mood strikes 🙂 There are some great ones out there! Feel free to add ones you’ve founded or love to participate in down in the comments! If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook (search groups for “The Amigos of Greg”). And if you’re not on Facebook, join the Discord Server #GregSavesPlants! These groups were started last week so we can chat a little easier while the Greg Team is working on that feature for the app! We can’t wait! We’re really enjoying these groups and would love for everyone to join us! My thanks to @RJG and the #GregTeam. You’ve managed to gather a global group of wholesome, wonderful humans by “just” creating a plant care app. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #PlantParenthood #GregCommunity #GreggersSupportingGreggers #corinne #HappyPlants #Greggers #BestAppOnTheInternet #PlantFriendsAreTheBestFriends

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🌟❤️Plant Boost Week LOL!❤️🌟 😄A Boost for May 14-16, 2024😄 Thanks for all the support and for those who have already joined us to boost each other this Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 🙏 Why not join us too #plantboosttuesday #plantinginspiration The idea is that we support each other, with our shared love of plants, by adding inspiration and lifting each other's spirits.🤝🫂😄 Life comes with challenges ❤️‍🩹 and suffering 😢 and yet we can all offer a boost to others 💉, to help the moment ⏱️, the day⌛ and the week 📅. If you find you need a boost, just click and see what others😸😸 can offer with inspirational quotes 🤔, inspiring plant ideas 🌹💐🌸🌱🪻🪴and anything that just adds to your day.👍 Welcome to Happy Plant Boost Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday This week I want to focus on the friendship we have formed within this community as shown in stillSarah’s great shout to fellow Greggers (with a prize) and I was inspired by a fellow Gregger who posted an inspirational friendship quote. So why not add something to express gratitude for the friends we have found through Greg and the friendships we have nurtured like plants 🌱 (Alex you get included as you and your wonderful team are ultimately responsible for nurturing such a friendly community of plant lovers) #plantboosttuesday #plantinginspiration #seymour #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #greggang #greggerssupportinggreggers #mentalhealthmatters #newgrowth #propagationstation #succulentlove #planttherapy #theamigos @alex #theamigos @Macstracks @PoisedAlbo @elisenavidad @FicusOnTheGood @proppinpossum @sarahsalith @ReallyMingfern @Soothsayer @HaPascanB @JesssJungle @JenniB81 @LaSiguanaba @Corinne @SensationalKoa @signorebean @Merranda @itsjordan @Keysgirl0179 @RootsnShoots @Linx @eeriewoodlander @RiomeQueen @Rockrlee @FlowerFairy @snowtrooper @MajorAngelmoss @RealSimpleMama @sarahsalith @UltraKoreanfir @CourtlyKingfern @SunnyPlants @ballondusoleil @Gustavo @Chevysgirl11 @Avocadonerd @SirLiquorice @PiousGermanivy @LikableDamiana @Amateurbotany @ImKindaABigDill @Michelle5986 @PlantHapppy @nellz4estfairyz @Maurs_Oasis @TheMoonChild @SUNSHiNEPLANTS @Luckyclovertrip @Snapdragon @KinderPlants @ittle.squid @KikiGoldblatt @KeenSucculent @ILoveMyPlants @TidyTigerpear @fawn @Lifeis2short @PlantBeach @HeraMonstera @Suzanthophile @Ninabeena @anomalocarys @Stephazar @RJG @Aikalovesphilos #gregteam

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WHO LOVES A GOOD #GIVEAWAY?! #Greggers, are you ready to celebrate?? 🥳 Who remembers when #GregGivesBack Started?! If you guessed EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, YOU’RE RIGHT, #GregGang! In honor of our 18-month #HalfBirthday 🥳 we are doing a giveaway … with EXTRA #Giveaways! 🎁🎁🎁🎁 Since we know many of you celebrated Cinco de Mayo with your #PlantAmigos 😉 we want you to give them a shout out below! Because you can’t have a #HalfBirthday 🥳 without #PlantFriends! (Shout out to the OG #PLANTMAFIA) Maybe it’s that plant friend that got you started, or the one you just met, or the one you’ve never met in person, or the one that you go to the greenhouse with every day. Who gets those plant photos from you every day? 🌱 Tag them below, because we know you got them on or met them on the #BestAppOnTheInternet cause we know that #PlantFriendsAreTheBestFriends! 🪴 And since we are #GreggersSupportingGreggers, enter your favorite hashtag too! The hashtags link to communities within Greg and BELIEVE ME, you can get lost for DAYS clicking on hashtags! 😆 This is how you enter: Tag a #PlantAmigo or 20 … or if you’re someone we know, 493!! AND add your favorite hashtag(s) on #Greg. Is it #PlantTherapy? Is it #PlantJokes? Is it #HappyPlants … or #NotSoHappyPlants? What about #PotsThatAreNotPots? #TeamCan #PetsAndPlants #BeforeAndAfter #PlantGraveyard #WeirdPlants Is it your own that you started? TELL US! Remember, each official entry must include a tagged person to invite to our #HalfBirthday 🥳 party and a hashtag to bring to the party! 🎁 WHEN TO ENTER: The #giveaway is open NOW: Sunday (don’t forget to call your MOTHER) through midnight CST on May 14th… and if you know me, I probably won’t actually cut folks off at midnight! The winners will be drawn at random by the magic wheel and the #GregGivesBackWinners will be announced on Wednesday, May 15th. Be sure to follow our #GregGivesBack tag to stay posted! 🎁 WHO CAN ENTER: any #PlantAddict and EVERYONE, including our international friends and #TimeTravelers! Greggers outside the 48 States may not receive a physical box, but will definitely receive goodies nonetheless. If you are a previous #GregGiveawayWinners we WANT YOU to COMMENT! Y’all all are eligible to win the #Giveaway THIS TIME! WOO HOO!! 🎈🎈 🎁 HOW TO ENTER: Tag someone AND post a hashtag – Let’s build those communities! 👉THE FINE PRINT: All winners have 7 days from the day they are announced as a winner to claim their prize by getting us all the required information. A new winner(s) will be drawn on day 8. All participants may comment as many times as they would like but only one entry per participant (who has not previously won) will be entered into the wheel. 👉👉👉DON’T FORGET: This giveaway has been put together by the #GregGivesBackSquad and donations from YOU!! Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in spreading joy and smiles and plants! Feel free to reach out to the Giveaway Squad anytime by shooting us an email at to find out how you can participate in the NEXT giveaway! If you want to help us out, we are in need of shipping and physical donations; each prize box is valued around $35 and shipping each box is around $10 to $15 each. #BestFronds #GregGiveAwayDay #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PropagationStation #PlantAddict #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy #NewPlantMom #OrchidLovers #PlantCorner #RarePlants #OutdoorGrowing #PlantLove #BestAppEver