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Good morning #Greggers 🫶🏽🌿💚 Thought I was going to be able to post a little more but life keeps throwing hurdles, it seems almost impossible to catch a break and relax with my plants. I haven’t had the energy or motivation to care for them recently, especially after 10+ plants #succs included 🥲) died while transitioning to colder temps. I know others have struggled with their plant babies dying as well, but just know that your babies have appreciated all the love and care you provided, and that being a #plantparent is all a learning experience 🤍🪴✨ Here are my plant babies I was able to interact with today for a few minutes this morning 💖 These cuttings (and most in my Oasis!) I grew with single node cuttings via #waterpropagation. I’m so happy with the results of their growth. They’ve been growing since July 🪴✨🙌🏽 📸 Caribbean Dreams #MarbleQueenPothos) is looking dreamy. The varieagation. So…good. I can’t keep my eyes off of her 💖💖💖 Aelina #GoldenPothos) has been growing so nicely since transplanting to soil after 2 months in water. Hoping for more variegation after she gets mature and gets a support system after some months 😊 Lilo #MiniMonstera) is growing like a weed! I repotted Lilo because her roots were poking out from under the drainage hole! I put her in a slightly bigger pot, and she has NOT stopped pushing out leaves. I caught her with some #Guttation action this morning! 😍💧🌿 Neon Lights #NeonPothos) is growing so fast and wanting to trail! I’m tempted on giving her a support or trellis of some sort, but I think it’s too small (plant & pot) for that right now. She’s looking so bright though! 🌿💚✨ My #PhilodendronMicans is filling up its pot so well! Don’t know if you can see but there are so many leaves being pushed out at once 🥹🙌🏽🌱⚡️ Sorry for the long post & appreciate u for reading 🫶🏽 I miss my #plantfriends so much. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PothosPack #PhiloFlock #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy #PlantCorner #GregMakesPeopleHappy #GregGang #Greggers #CentralTexasGang #kscapedream