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Restocked!!! HAPPY 😃 THURSDAY #GregGang. It’s #PlantProperThursday and some people already got their plants from last week. Drop those pictures 📷 below! I also fertilized 💩 all of the plants that went out last week with a slow release so you’re welcome 😇 😂 We have a few new plants this week and they’re NICE. Some are back in stock 😯 and are much fuller than last time (Site updated at 4pm eastern time!) HERES SOME OF MY FAVES 🌿we have some philodendron silver stripes back and let me tell you. They’re amazing. 🌱got a new Hoya in stock along with a tonnn of others Hoya 🍃a bunch of Syngonium as always so PLEASE go look. ☘️ we have plants on coco coir poles to make your lives easier so I suggest you go check them out! Search “totem”. 🌵one of the new plants this week (🤫) is an epipremnum Pinnatum aurea. Check out our Instagram for videos! (We are having a sale on a lot of items this week but the code can’t be used on those) DISCOUNT CODES: 💵 If you haven’t ordered before you can use code WELCOME10 at checkout. If you have ordered before you can use code Aplantproject or PVPLANTGUY at 💰 checkout! Let me know what you get, what you wanna get or what you have gotten already! 🪴 #HappyPlants #calkinsclub #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Syngonium #CalatheaCrew #Philodendron #HoyaHangout #plantproper #plantpropermail #plantmail #PlantProperFanClub #FicusGang #ficusfam #PLANTMAFIA