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Wickedvalkyrie avatar @Wickedvalkyrie · 2w
#sciencewithgreg #avocadoexperiment🥑 update!! "HAASta-la-vista" (Exp. 01) is still doing fantastic! He has three new leaves and is working on a fourth. He's well over due for a pot and a haircut, but I'm not emotionally ready yet... Him and his #goldenpothos buddy are still getting ≈50/50 filtered water + #mycorrhizalfungi concentrate and a splash of #foxfarmgrowbig fertilizer. Either 25% or 50% strength, depending what's on hand at the moment. (Usually 25.) "Waterboy" (Exp. 02) has actually pulled ahead of the yet unnamed Exp. 03 in the sprout game and got upgraded to his big boy jar today! He has been receiving nothing but plain filtered water and once his wee baby tree sprout gets a few inches tall I'll start introducing fertilizer... Exp. 03 and his pothos buddy also got their big boy jar today as his tap root was officially touching the bottom of the lil cup he used to be in. He has yet to fully sprout, tho if you look real close (pics in comments) you can see there is actually a sprout in their, it's just being shy right now... He also only gets plain filtered water at the moment. "Eggy" (Exp. 04) has yet to show any signs of life, but I did recently give him a bunch of pothos friends to help him out. He's getting ≈50/50 filtered + #pothoswater to help his pals root and once they do I'll switch him back to just plain water. (He earned his name because he currently reminds me of the egg in vinegar experiment we did in school. Lol) "Thomas" (Exp. 05) got some cinnamon treatment today as his top soil had started growing some white mold. Otherwise he looks fine. I forgot to take his goblet hat off for a few days, so it was likely my fault he has this uninvited guest living with him now... When he needs it, he gets ≈50/50 pothos water + filtered. More pics in comments. #greatpothosexperiment #wickedvalkyrie #socalavocados #socalgreg #avocado

Wickedvalkyrie avatar @Wickedvalkyrie · 1M
#sciencewithgreg #greatpothosexperiment #avocadoexperiment ✨ UPDATE✨ MY PLAIN WATER BABY HAS STARTED ON HIS LIL TINY TAP ROOT FINALLY! Plain water + pothos baby is truckin along as well. Starting to crack up top, so I'm expecting a tree sprout soonish! 🧚For those of you who've voiced that you can't get them to root etc: I don't really know what exactly has made me so "successful" but this is what I do know. I keep them in my laundry room which has no air vents. I live in SoCal right in between the desert and the coast (Camp Pendleton/Oceanside) so I get TONS of sun/heat but also decent humidity. (Basically no rain tho. 🥵) The laundry room has a west facing sliding door that, depending on the time of year, gets 3-6 hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon/evening. I do also close the door when I do the laundry to add extra humidity in the room. (Tho I honestly don't know if that matters or not, I just do it for the benefit of my pothos.) I also change the water on these every 5 days or so and only use room temp water from my Brita(filtered water). 🧚 My original/first experiment, the #mycorrhizalfungi concentrate + water + 25% strength #foxfarmgrowbig fertilizer + #pothos baby is also doing spectacular! His leaves just keep getting bigger and bigger! Tho we've been stuck at 7 leaves for what feels like weeks... Anywho, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! (Sorry if any of this is incoherent/doesn't make sense. Hubs has a 96 this weekend so he's been pouring shots all day. #MarineWifeLife) #pothospack #goldenpothos #epipremnum #epipremnumaureum #avocado #socalavocados #socalgreg #wickedvalkyrie #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #newgrowth #propagationstation #citrusgrandprix