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Happy Sunday, #GregGang ! I’m dropping the mic on someone whom has been leaving comments about how others are using their own property to grow flowers instead of veggies and fruit. I don’t know their name but they’ll know whom they are when they see this: You understand that in order to grow natural/organic food, you need a supply of pollinators visiting the area regularly, correct? Many foods we eat need pollinators to do the work for these flowers to fruit and if you don’t have a strong source of pollinators nearby, you won’t get any fruit to harvest, you know this, don’t you? Synthetic and organic plant food won’t do it. I kindly implore you to stop leaving remarks about what people wish to do with just ONE part of their property if you don’t have the full picture. Please worry about what YOU aren’t doing nor how you may not be actively contributing to the loss of the pollinators we all need to grow food. Please remember that you only see one side of anyone’s garden unless you see the entire garden in person. You also don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. But don’t worry, I have time to educate you: 1. Reversing damage other people have caused to the land can take years. What year are you on? 2. Reversing damage other people have caused also costs money. Often, it’s in the thousands and it requires commitment. It becomes a labor of love. You aren’t aware of the work nor the magnitude of the area they are trying to rebuild and restore. Have you done any of that work? How large is the area you are working on? 3. Rebuilding an ecosystem takes decades for some but it could take a few years for others. Our pollinators need sanctuaries NOW, not later. And if any of us choose to use our land as sanctuaries to keep them alive, it’s up to us, NOT for you to decide. Without pollinators, you’ll be eating genetically modified foods and many of us that grow flowers know this. It’s why we grow more flowers than food. Our pollinators need shelter and they need an abundance of plants to make it worth considering it a sanctuary just for themselves to stay and also reproduce. 4. Commenting on posts about how people use their land is unwarranted. You can have grass and flowers to help keep surrounding gardens in production. What would happen if everyone planted a vegetable garden and had zero pollinators around? Nothing. There wouldn’t be a harvest because there are no pollinators. Do you see how this works? One or two plants isn’t going to do it. You need them by the hundreds. 5. Lastly, here is something to consider: If it’s a thought, ask yourself if it’s helpful in any way and if it will make a difference before you comment. You can choose to educate others by providing detailed explanations that back up your thoughts/words or you can choose to learn by asking rather than assuming flowers have no merit in our ecosystem. Greg is not just a plant assistant but a place for gardeners to grow by learning. Many of us offer tons of insight with explanations. If you want to be part of any community, it helps by asking questions if you need understanding on other people’s choices. It’s a kind community which kindly does not take to trying to shame someone for their choice of plants to grow. Gang, enjoy your gardens, no matter what you grow. Oh, and btw, in order to be registered as a pollinator sanctuary, you have to have at least one thousand plants in the ground that cater to our pollinators - all within 100 sq ft. All of them are just flowers, not plants that produce vegetables. Most of us that grow for pollinators have done the research in our area to understand what it takes to help surrounding gardens to fruit. So, you see, it’s not just flowers we are growing. We are taking part in growing vegetables and fruit others eat. It is simply overlooked by those that don’t or can’t see the bigger picture. That’s the importance of flowers. It’s the nectar they come for and plants rich in nectar are flower-producing plants, not vegetable or fruit producing plants. Been there and done that. Please stop dropping those “If you would grow edible…” comments as though they are helpful. They really aren’t. Be nice. Grow flowers. Worry about how you are using your patch of land. It’s yours until it no longer isn’t. Then you really have nothing to say about how others use it or their own. We all play a vital part in the ecosystem and the planet’s health. I promise you, you would never say what you’ve said had you been face to face with those you’ve commented this way to because you would have had a vast understanding of their plans the minute you entered their garden. Why? Because that’s what gardeners do. They share their stories and uplift other gardeners. There’s a difference between thinking like a landscaper and thinking like a gardener. That’s what Greg is also about, unbeknownst to others. It’s about gardening and supporting one another’s growth, not tearing each other down, one comment at a time. Stop creating drama where there is none. Gardens are a place of wonder and beauty, and personal growth, no matter what others choose to grow. Stay blessed and Happy Gardening! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #outdoorgardening #pollinators #AnthuriumQueen #SanAntonioGregGang #GreggersSupportingGreggers #vegetablegardening