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let me show off my #wishlistplants I got today from our trip to #EastAustinSucculents 🌿✨🫶🏼 📸 in order : • #GasteriaSakuraFuji is my top #ChonkyPlants and so fricking excited to have been able to finally get my hands on one! HALF A YEAR, I’ve been waiting for this moment! I still can’t believe it! 💚🤍 she was $10! • #GasteriaGreenIce is another wishlist chonky dude I’ve been looking for as long as I’ve been eyeballing the Sakura Fuji. He’s such a cutie pie and love his colors. So cute 🥹 he was $15 ✨ • #AloeMitriformisVariegata I’m IN LOVE with this aloe. I’ve been looking for a CHONKY aloe after seeing one at HEB and I couldn’t afford it. I found this one at the nursery for only $8 AND IT’S VARIEGATED BEAUTIFULLY 🫶🏼🤍 • #HaworthiopsisGlaucaVHerrei is my boyfriend’s plant! Recently, our #BunnyEarsCactus passed away and it was his, so we went and got a new companion for the bf 💚😁 only $4!!💖 Today was a great day, didn’t go over my budget and didn’t go total #crazyplantlady or else I would’ve brought the entire nursery with me 🤣 Highly recommended #EastAustinSucculents if you’re ever in #Austin. They have an amazing selection of succulents, cacti, euphorbias, you name it! They also have an online shop! https:// and they’re also on Greg! @EAS #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Gasteria #Aloe #WishlistPlant #Haworthiopsis #CentralTexasGang #KeepAustinWeird #PlantTherapy #RarePlants #dreamplant #kscapedream