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I've had a philodendron Brasil, a week or so. I've been doing everything I have researched. She's my first non succulent. I wanted to switch to leca and water because I found the nursery only potted her with Itty bitty stems containing only a node. She has great roots, but the stems are so short that they keep popping out of the 6in pot they had her in, shd her roots were crawling out of the bottom of the pot. Also the soil didn't look like what I looked up was a good fit. It was like regular potting soil, no perlite or anything except dirt. So, I put her pieces in water to soak some dirt off of the roots. I woke up, and her leaves are now curling inward. Idk if I did the right thing but I couldn't have kept her in the pot and her stems kept sticking out. I had taken the pieces that had barely any roots grown and already tried the leca as a test and I love how it makes the stems and roots steady. So I stuck the water jars containing the parts with curly leaves outside for a little to get some Florida humidity. Honestly idk if I just hurt most of my plant. I have a few jars with great healthy parts. But these were most of my plant. Now, I've had to cut off leaves that were browning and that had brown spots. Some leaves have come back but most are still wilted, I've now kept her out of sun and idk if because of how much root system she has, and that it was so confined, that it's sucking the water up and getting too much water. I've had her in the water and leca for since Sunday and it was Sunday morning I woke up to the curled leaves. I've been trying EVERYTHING! Less water, more sun, no sun, humidity, changed her position everywhere in my room. I've misted her. I finally decided to try this, since I get mist info from here. Please does anyone know what I could do? Her roots for each piece are long and mature and very plump. The stems are so short. But I can't get the leaves to be back from curling. Idk if I need to put her back in soil, idk if her roots need to be trimmed, I just don't know. Please can anyone give advice? #philodendron #philodendronbrasil #philodendronhelp