Greg’s Community Guidelines

If you grow plants, then you already know a thing or two about care and cultivating a healthy environment. It’s more than likely that these guidelines are how you move through the world already, but please take a peek at ‘em anyway, cause our legal department asked nicely 👀

This is a kind place. 💕

We cheer each other on. Are excited for each other’s wins. And aim to create a friendly, helpful, and supportive feeling in the Greg community. Please operate with positive intentions and only post comments you’d be happy to receive, yourself. Golden Rule stuff, ya know?

We respect diversity. 🙏

Each human being on Greg is their own special something. Please respect whatever sort of special something that is - even if it’s vastly different from your own special somethingness. As plant lovers, let’s focus on all that we have in common! Heads-up: Nasty folks will be banned.

Conflict is not our jam.✌️

I love misting my plants, and you think it’s useless - that’s cool, we can agree to disagree. No one owns The Truth about plant care - or anything else, for that matter - so let’s leave space to sometimes not see eye-to-eye, and to do so respectfully.

Science, FTW!🔬

If you’re sharing info relative to plant science, do your best to make sure it’s informative and well-researched, plus try to cite your sources, as relevant. Any content - plant-related or not - that we understand as misinformation or otherwise clearly untrue will be removed.

Keep it legal, friends. ⚖️

Greg is all about helping your plants thrive and connecting with new plant pals. This is not the place for uploading illegal content, solicitation, violence, harassment, or spam. Unless it’s what you’re having for lunch. In which case, enjoy!