Growing with Rose Calathea

Browns easily

This plant started automatically dying when I got it. I am a bit of a novice so I confess getting a calathea may not have been the best decision (which, btw, was an accident). After losing hope and creating a death altar for it, someone told me to just chop off pretty much all the leaves and leave it alone to either die or figure itā€™s pettiness out. So I left one and set it in my plant rehab corner to die. Now, approximately a month later it wants to push out a new leaf! I guess Iā€™m excited but also, not really. I even bought a water distiller just for this plant. What a daymare and headache. PLEASE DONT GET THIS PLANT UNLESS YOU CAN PROVIDE A LOT OF HUMIDITY AND ALSO DISTILLED WATER. That is all. ā˜ ļø