Cypress Spurge

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🎂 May 28th

Lebron should be watered every 15 days and was last watered on Thursday May 25th.

#Euphorbia Discussion

Can someone tell me what this is? It’s growing in our garden here in south central Illinois, has milky sap and blue star-shaped flowers.

Can someone tell me what this is? It’s growing in our garden, has milky sap and has little blue star-shaped flowers.

My plant is dying from the bottom up. I allow it to dry before rewatering. What can be wrong?

I noticed part of my plant is drying out and turning a darker pink, should I be worried?

My beautiful new African Milk Tree I bought at Home Depot last night. It's super healthy but it's planted in nursery type soft substrate. Would a good mix of Cactus/Succulent soil, lava rock and perlite be better for it? I plan to use a grow light indoors

#Medusa #update She is def overwatered, greg is still learning. Weve lost a few growths but I stopped following the advice for watering and just started trusting myself. We are on the mend. -------This baby was a gift from my friend that passed's sister. I have had several of my plant babies at a friends salon bc I didn't have good lighting in my old house was horrible so they were being fostered. Since we've moved, I finally got things set up enough so that I can put my plant babies where they belong in my home. I see brown spots mid shaft on this Medusa and all I'm finding on the app is the Airplant. Does anybody have any insight? #SucculentSquad #brownspots #Euphorbia

How big is your Medusa's Head Euphorbia Flanaganii?

Recent adoptions! #WhatTheSuccWednesday #CactusClique #Euphorbia

Hi everyone! Just a bit of an FYI. Wal-Mart is having a clearance sale on a lot of extremely nice plants for $7 or less on cactuses, young trees, fruit bushes, etc. I got this one for $5! I was so excited! #euphorbia

Happy #freshleaffriday y’all! I named my #Euphorbia ammak The Sea Monster bc it reminded me of a moray eel when I first bought it. Problem is now it’s growing all these new arms, so I might need to rechristen it to something more appropriate for its new form. How does Cthulhu sound?