Lord Kypho

Yellow Ficus

grow-light Grow light
window-distance 10.0ft to light
window-orientation SE
10.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Glazed clay
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor

#Ficus Discussion

Spots on my Ficus!!

Want to know how to grow your Ficus Tineke FAST? Read below to see how I've doubled the size of the one pictured in just 4 months! I often hear how slow Tinekes are and my response is usually "Well they are a tree..." 🌞 LIGHTING TIPSπŸ’‘ Ficus LOVE bright light and even some full sun. This one started as a small 4" pot with 5/6 leaves back in March when I put it out front on my covered, SW facing front porch and has DOUBLED. It gets bright indirect light all day and some direct full sun in the mid-afternoon. With temps lately being consistently above 100f I have had to water every day, but typically when not SO hot, every 3-5 days. I have had to upsize the pot twice already and need to again as it is drying too fast now. Depending on your location (I'm in North Texas USDA ag zone 8b) you can likely grow yours outside as well. Morning sun is the easiest and least harsh light to acclimate a plant to, starting with about an hour and adding more time in increments. If you aren't able to grow outside, then pick the brightest, unobstructed window in your house. Unobstructed means no curtains/blinds, trees/shrubs/awnings outside, etc... Try to give your Ficus at least 6 hours of BRIGHT light. πŸ’§ WATERING TIPS 🚿 If your Ficus is getting plenty of light, it will be thirsty! Try to water when the soil is about 75% dry, never letting the soil dry fully. I like to take a dry wooden skewer or chopstick and stick it all the way to the bottom of the pot. Hold your fingers on the stick at the top of the soil, then pull it back out. Any wet soil will stick to the dry wood, indicating how far down the "dry line" is in the soil. So if there is only dirt on the bottom 25% of the stick, you know it's 75% dry and time to water. Follow these tips and you'll be rewarded with a gorgeous Tree you can no longer call slow! #ficus #ficuselastica #ficustineke #ficusgang #ficusfam #planttips #planttipsandtricks

Update: she is blooming and it looks like she has a few more to grow out! I want a bushy girl πŸ€—

This was a walmart rescue yesterday. I brought it home, examined it, repot already and trimmed some leaves. Is this is a variation? The leaves are so different or that damaged? Good news is we do have babies. (Just found out it’s a ficus) #HappyPlants

Mushrooms. My string of frogs I had mushrooms. Should I be concerned what should I do? #HappyPlants

Do #ficus, specifically #ficusruby, get mineral build up from hard water on their leaves?

Why are the leaves curling on the sides?

Looking very bear...the plant is at least 20 yrs old..it sheds ALOT of leaves...what is wrong?

Leaves are falling off. It’s outdoors with direct sunlight and has been 95 degrees

It worked!!! It really worked! 🀩😍🀩 So 4 maybe 6 weeks ago I chopped off the top of two #Ficus plants, a fiddle leaf fig and a yellow gem. This last weekend when I watered them I saw they both had #NewGrowth nubs that might turn into new branches. And today we know for sure that they are! The #FiddleLeafFig (Newton) even already has a new leaf on the new branch. He has maybe 3 new branches, one is still a tiny nub, but two are growing pretty good, one of which has that leaf already. The small dark green leaf on him stopped growing larger when I nipped the top and just got darker. And the new leaf is already larger and trying to get some light for himself. The #Altissima, yellow gem ficus (Lord Kypho) had multiple possible growth points when I nipped the top. Two have decided to branch out and start growing. No new leaves yet, but maybe soon. The end of the larger baby branch looks the same as when the main branch had new leaves ready.🀞🏼 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Update #FicusGang #GregGang #PlantLove #ApartmentHouseplants #VerdantFlora