Pine Cone Plant

window-distance 0.5ft to light
window-orientation North
2.0" pot
pot-drainage No drainage
pot-type Glazed clay
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
near-ac Near A/C unit
🎂 Apr 2nd

Pine should be watered every 12 days and was last watered on Monday Apr 1st.

#Euphorbia Discussion

This guy came back to life recently and I’ve got no clue how. His name is Jesus now in honor of his resurrection lol!! Any tips on helping him grow? Gonna take out all the dead ones here soon so hes got more room

I noticed part of my plant is drying out and turning a darker pink, should I be worried?

My beautiful new African Milk Tree I bought at Home Depot last night. It's super healthy but it's planted in nursery type soft substrate. Would a good mix of Cactus/Succulent soil, lava rock and perlite be better for it? I plan to use a grow light indoors

#Medusa #update She is def overwatered, greg is still learning. Weve lost a few growths but I stopped following the advice for watering and just started trusting myself. We are on the mend. -------This baby was a gift from my friend that passed's sister. I have had several of my plant babies at a friends salon bc I didn't have good lighting in my old house was horrible so they were being fostered. Since we've moved, I finally got things set up enough so that I can put my plant babies where they belong in my home. I see brown spots mid shaft on this Medusa and all I'm finding on the app is the Airplant. Does anybody have any insight? #SucculentSquad #brownspots #Euphorbia

How big is your Medusa's Head Euphorbia Flanaganii?

Recent adoptions! #WhatTheSuccWednesday #CactusClique #Euphorbia

Hi everyone! Just a bit of an FYI. Wal-Mart is having a clearance sale on a lot of extremely nice plants for $7 or less on cactuses, young trees, fruit bushes, etc. I got this one for $5! I was so excited! #euphorbia

Happy #freshleaffriday y’all! I named my #Euphorbia ammak The Sea Monster bc it reminded me of a moray eel when I first bought it. Problem is now it’s growing all these new arms, so I might need to rechristen it to something more appropriate for its new form. How does Cthulhu sound?

Hey Greg Gang! Can you help me out? My partner’s cactus has been developing pink spots on it. I couldn’t find anything online about it and I’ve never seen this color on this variety of cactus before. Any ideas or am I being overly concerned ? #CactusClique #euphorbiaheptagonia #Euphorbia #Cactus

Can this live outdoors on my patio I live in Arizona I believe I’m in zone 9B thank you