Black Gold Philodendron

window-distance 4.0ft to light
window-orientation East
2.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 Apr 19th

Adamos should be watered every 6 days and was last watered on Sunday May 26th.

#Philodendron Discussion

Melanie was getting too tall again so it was time to chop. Not sure what I am going to do with 4 more Philodendrons melanochrysum but that's for future RJG to figure out. #Philodendron #PhiloFlock #philodendronmelanochrysum #PropagationStation #HappyPlants #ChopAndProp #GregGang #RJGroup

Calling All Propagation Experts

Propagation Melanochrysis H.E.L.P….


Weird new leaves on my #melanochrysum

had some extra super trellis pieces so Melanie got some added support. #Philodendron #philodendronmelanochrysum #PhiloFlock #RJGroup

Best support for #BlackGoldPhilodendron

Using the new technology in ChatGPT to answer tricky houseplant care questions: the chat GPT quiz show round 2(Black Gold Philodendron) Have you ever had a question about house plants that you didn’t know how to articulate for the purposes of utilizing a Google search to find the answer ? For example, I have a black gold philodendron, which has fuzzy leaves, and it appears to be exhibiting Symptoms of a fungal disease, probably brown spot. Normally I would spray the plant with an antifungal. Yeah I I seem to recall reading somewhere that if a plant has fuzzy leaves it is best not to get the foliage wet as it can make a plant prone to contagion or exacerbate an existing fungal disease. So I tried to do a search on Google, but I wasn’t getting any accurate hits. The hits I was getting pertain to treating fungus On house plants but none of them with any advice specific to fuzzy plants. I also was having a difficult time finding any hits that discussed getting fuzzy plant fuzzy foliage wet all together. In my background as a lawyer I’ve had to do a lot of detailed research. Not only in databases but traditional Google searches that required me to find obscure but specific information. Learning the appropriate search terms to get responsive hits is a key skill to Finding answers you need. When hits aren’t responsive, It can sometimes take a while to identify the appropriate search terms. For example, if you had a question about Texas sage, which is evergreen shrub used in landscaping native to the Texas hill country, You would Get many erroneous hits ‘ perhaps, pertaining to growing culinary sage in a backyard garden in Texas. Another common name for Texas sage is the barometer bush. Yet, a search for “barometer bush” yields man hits ton Clerodendrum bungei, which is a member of the Verbenaceae family. To get accurate hits pertaining to the correct plant the discovery of the botanical name, “Leucophyllum frutescens” is essential to getting hits responsive to the question. Which brings me to my fuzzy philodendron. I did about four searches and kept getting hits that pertain to natural remedies for treating house plants with fungus or how to prevent fungus or advertisements for a different antifungal treatments but nothing specific to fuzzy leaved foliage and nothing that would even clarify whether it was OK to get the foliage wet. I started to think about how to refine the search and it occurred to me, maybe chat GPT can do this for me. Below see the question as I phrased it in the response. What is noteworthy is that it directly addressed the specific question I was asking and it did it much more accurately than Google. Now whether it came up with the right answer is another question and for which I turn to y’all to weigh in on, but this exercise demonstrates that chat GPT may have some utility as a resource for our green friends. Well I don’t understand how the algorithm works precisely nor do I know whether the information it gave me is accurate I at least have a reference point and it took me about 15 seconds to get it. Any questions or comments or is this all up to boring for y’all ?lol Question: (voice to text) So I have received conflicting information and I would like you to reconcile it for me please. It is my understanding that fuzzy leaved plants like kalanchoe or certain types of philodendron are not to have their foliage wet because it’s fuzzy. Is this true or what is the detail on that moreover how do I treat these plants for fungus if the antifungals are usually a liquid to be applied as a foliar spray but I’m restrained in spraying fuzzy leaved plants because they’re not supposed to be sprayed with moisture Answer: It is true that some plants with fuzzy or hairy leaves, such as kalanchoe and certain types of philodendron, should not have their leaves wet as it can lead to fungal or bacterial growth and damage to the leaves. However, this does not mean that these plants cannot be treated for fungal issues. To treat a fuzzy-leaved plant for fungus, it is best to use a fungicide that is applied as a soil drench rather than a foliar spray. This will ensure that the fungicide reaches the roots of the plant where the fungus is likely to be growing, without getting the leaves wet. You could also use neem oil or horticultural oil spray on the leaves, these are natural fungicides that can be used as a foliar spray but these should be used with caution and in low concentration. It is also important to make sure that the plant is in a well-draining pot with a proper potting mix and is not overwatered, as these can also contribute to fungal issues. Proper air circulation and avoiding overcrowding the plants will also help prevent fungal issues. It's always best to consult the care instructions for the specific plant you have, or consult with a professional to get the best advice. #philodendron #philodendroncollection #houseplantdiseases #fungus #toughquestionseasyanswers #houseplantquizshow #fuzzyleaves #fuzzyplants

Post spider mite treatment 😭 New leaf in the making, so I’m hoping they haven’t had too much impact :(

Thank god for propagation 😂😭 I was admiring the leaves and by admiring touching it and telling everyone else in the house to touch it because it’s so velvet soft and I go to adjust it and I heard a snap 🥹😭 I’m just going to blame it on my husband because I swear he gave it the evil eye when the package came in yesterday 👀👀 But good news is if all goes well I’ll be able to gift one 🤞🏽🤞🏽 pray for TBD 😂😂 #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #ItWillBeOK