Trailing Jade

direct_sunlight Direct sunlight
grow-light Grow light
window-distance 3.0ft to light
sunlight-hours 3-6 hrs light
window-orientation South
4.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Succulent
outdoor-plant Indoor
near-heater Near heater
🎂 Jan 19th
water@4x 7 Waters
snooze@4x 0 Snoozes
🔥 0x Streaks

Flourish should be watered every 18 days and was last watered on Wednesday Jun 15th.

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Propagation tips!!

Propagation technique

Hello guys! I’ve been having a super hectic past few days, my great grandma is in hospice so a couple of things have been neglected lately to say the least… including myself & plants. 🤷🏻‍♀️ a couple got zapped by the cold so I’ve been a little upset this morning.. On a better note, I planted my last plant from my birthday haul. •‘Kleinia Stapeliiformis’ also known as ‘pickle plant’. I love how they look in my new pot(s) I got from #TheNextGardener 🌈 they are so cute, I love the pastel glaze. looks like you could eat it 😆 🍭 It’s a set, the other one has purple instead of yellow. •Echeveria Dusty Rose 🌸 she was having a rough start at first but she’s finally settling in her pot, & putting off new growth! •Kyoto is still blooming, and has grown also! I can’t believe all the blooms she keeps putting off. • Lastly I’m super proud of how well my ‘Cotelydon White Sprite’ has done, 🤍 she is putting off all types of new growth, I will have to post more pics in another post, cause this one doesn’t do her justice! #NewGrowth #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #GrowLights #HappyPlants #Kleinia #PicklePlant #Echeveria #Cotyledon

What happened?!? And does anyone know if it’s treatable?

Pickle Plant Update 🥒 🌱🪴✨ They are still doing really great, the tallest pickle has gotten too tall to keep them on the shelf.l I’ve kept them on, without it getting sunburnt. it’s grown so tall it won’t fit on the shelf without sticking it between my grow lights. but if I continue to keep it there I’m thinking it will get sunburned being to close to the intense lighting. So I will have to move this baby to an area with more space! 🤗 I’m so impressed with this plant, it was half the size when I got it, and it was my first plant I had ever received bare roots from an online order. Although not all the plants in this order made it, I have atleast 5 that thrived once they got used to their new home. (: hope you guys are having a good weekend! #PicklePlant #NewGrowth #GrowingSuccs #GrowLights #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #Succulent #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy

Help! He was doing so well and now looks so unhealthy😭 Any advice?

Some growth comparison pictures of my pickle plants. The first picture is from December fourth, & the others are from December 12. It’s kinda hard to tell because it’s in a different position than the first picture, but they have all grown a noticeable amount. The one on the far left in the first picture, has an offset at the top. If you look at the other photos it has grown quite a bit. (This one is easier to compare since it’s the only pickle like this) all the others have grown too, even the offsets at the base of the the plants, they arent as visible in the newer pics. They’ve grown much more since then, I’ll have to get more pictures tomorrow! It’s almost too tall to be under the grow light, so I’ll have to move it soon. 😳🌱💚🪴 #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #Succulent #PicklePlant #GrowLights #GrowingSuccs #grittymix #BeforeAndAfter

Pickle Pal Update 🥒💚🌱 I watered today & treated them with arber fungicide & insecticide to keep them happy & healthy. I love the pattern on them, as well as the lil spine texture. They are actually soft but look like little spines. I need to start measuring them so I can track the growth more accurately. #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulents #Succulent #GrowingSuccs #PicklePlant #Senecio #GrowLights #PlantAddict #HappyPlants

some updates on the plants I potted with bonsai jack gritty mix. 🌱🪨 they have done so great and really impressed me on how well & fast they settled in. They are super happy, and have grown a noticeable amount since I repotted. I posted my pickle plant a week or so ago, and since then she has continued to grow and impress me! I have to say this is one of my favorite plants right now! They have grown taller, & have even started to put off babies! (Pics 1-3) 🌱✨😊 the other pot I used the gritty mix in, has two plants which is a graptosedum bronze, and an Echeveria I haven’t identified yet 😆 the Echeveria has done amazing and has gotten bigger and seems super happy with its new home! The graptosedum was on the brink of death, but is now growing and doing well. 😊 #NewGrowth #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #PicklePlant #HappyPlants #Echeveria #Graptosedum #BonsaiSuccs #PlantAddict

after a long day of crying, frustration and a mental breakdown due to fungal knat issues, I tried to take time to enjoy the good things that are happening in my oasis. My succulents are struggling right now, I’ve lost a couple, due to many different issues (I assume) that have mostly been caused by fungus knat larvae, and fungal infections. I’m upset, and at a loss of where to start. I have so many plants, and it’s very crucial to treat them all so the pests don’t migrate to other plants. I got overwhelmed almost immediately. I’m going to have to repot several plants, and toss a few that don’t have a chance. Life in general has caused me to not be on top of things so it caused more issues then if I would have caught it before it got bad. I’ve started treating them, but I’m not even close to being done. It’s upsetting because this is something I do to relieve stress.. and it went from 0 to 100 really quick. But I’ve made a commitment to these plants, and I intend on trying to save as many as I can. However there was some good things that I can be grateful for! My pickle plant is putting out babies (pic 3-4), & also the adult ones have new growth as well. (Pic 1/2) - also new growth on my star cactus! (5) 🌱✨ you guys wish me luck on this knat journey !! #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #PicklePlant #StarCactus #fungusgnats #PestControl #PlantTherapy #NewGrowth