Growing with Golden Pothos

Fast grower
Easy to propagate

Honestly, there is so many things I love about this plant. When I first got him about a year ago, he has about 4 leaves and 4 stems, a stubby little guy. I wanted to try having a hanging plant and said screw it. Oh my god has he impressed me. With little to no special attention, he is now 3 vines, each at least a foot in length. Every day I swear there’s new leaves unfolding, and all I do is water when he seems dry with my old fish tank water. He even managed to be the only one without mites during a mite infestation. I’ve propagated him multiple times and all of them have rooted and been replanted successfully. Something about the vines and their speedy growth makes him one of my favorite plants to ever take care of. Highly recommend.