Philip J Fry

Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole

window-orientation East
3.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Glass
soil-type Water
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 Aug 28th
water@4x 50 Waters
snooze@4x 0 Snoozes
🔥 1x Streaks

Philip J Fry should be watered every 8 days and was last watered on Saturday Jun 1st.

#Philodendron Discussion

Omg whats happening?

Red is getting big ♥️ #Philodendron #HappyPlants

New leaf on this variegated firebird, which I think will end up being two different shades of green, but time will tell ✔️ #HappyPlants #Philodendron

I think I left this guy in the sun too long.. Any Tips?

This caramel marble is really starting fill out/up 💚 #Philodendron #HappyPlants

Growth ?

A little set-up :) #Begonia #Monstera #Syngonium #Peperomia #SatinPothos #Philodendron #PropagationStation

Saw this cutie a few days ago at Kroger, and went back today and got it 🥳🫶🏽 #Philodendron #floridaghost Any tips?

I’m so in love with the new, all-pink leaf on my #SyngoniumPinkSplash Thai! That shade is stunning 😍 🎀🩷 Also, I tried my hand at growing a split leaf #Philodendron from seed, and it’s just sprouted after 4 weeks 😇🌱 Here’s hoping I can successfully raise it! In other seedling news, my #Coleus sprouts are starting to get their pretty red markings, and the mystery bulbs I planted last month have revealed themselves to be #CallaLily! If memory serves, they will be yellow flowers. And I cannot post without the newest pic of #BennyTheTreeFrog 🐸 Here he is this morning, watching me water all my outdoor plants before work! It’s a scorcher today so I wanted to make sure none of them wilted in the heat. Benny will also be nice and comfy as I poured water into the soil in his pot to keep him nice and cool 💚 He also has the shade from my #CabbageTree that I hung next to him. #NewGrowth #OutdoorGrowing #OutsidePlants #Syngonium #SyngoniumSquad #babevila

What fertilizer strength should I use for my micans? They have been growing like crazy! Love them!