Aluminum Plant

window-distance 1.0ft to light
window-orientation North
5.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor

#Pilea Discussion

Hey everyone! My Aluminum baby dropped this arm last night and I don’t have much expieriance with this plant. I just wanna know if it is supped to have hanging arms or if it looks sad? I was considering a depot but wasn’t sure if this plant prefers to be root bound or not. Anyone have any tips that would help me get to know this guy better? #AluminumPlant

#aluminumplant I've just repotted my lil plant I got two weeks ago Pic in the white dish when I first brought him home and now 😍 Someone on here I can't remember their @ said I should destroy it because it had a virus Glad I didn't listen New leaves growing πŸ₯°

Just picked up this beauty for $1 at Lowe’s!

Greg is telling me to fertilize today I only purchased the plant yesterday Should I fertilize today ?

Droopy aluminum plant??

Propagating an aluminum plant: do I need to let the end dry out? Also can I chop a long stem into multiple pieces to propagate?

My friend gave me her plant to watch for a while and it looks kinda rough. I was gonna ask her if I could prune it and propagate the cuttings. I was also thinking about changing the soil. Does this sounds like a good idea?

Hi guys, my aluminum plant isn't dead but, it has not shown any growth. It's in a small pot, the soil isn't wet. Please give me some advice. Thank you.

Is this my Dragon Skin's flower?

Is this plant fit to be in a closed terrarium? I have it in there with an African Violet and a Fern. Starting to think that was a mistake as it likes to be misted but the violet doesn't 😬