Cathedral Windows

window-distance 7.4ft to light
window-orientation North
5.91" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Stone
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor

#CathedralWindows Discussion

Yellowing & dying leaves???? Help! When I was a away for 5 days I came back to three leaves completely yellow. I made sure to have a water bulb this last weekend and now I have another yellow leaf and another starting.

Is this scale?

This Calathea continually gets spider mites. I treat, They seem to go away but then weeks later that sticky leaf is back! Any solutions you can recommend?

Millie has been a little cranky lately, with some overdramaticly bent leaves. I think she has been longing for some more space in her pot. I have been meaning to repot her, but haven't really had the right pot or energy to do it πŸ™ˆ But today was the day, even if it had to be just a nursery-plastic-container for nowπŸ˜… I think she will be happier. πŸͺ΄ No splitting this year, so I am excited to see how big she will get. Lots of new leaves coming in, but I recon I did disturb some of themπŸ˜… She'll get a little haircut too in some days, to make room for new growtπŸ’ͺ and tidy out some of those winter-browns🌱 (Sorry for my english today, I am a little tiredπŸ˜…). #rootporn #adhdplantlovers #cathedralwindows #goeppertia #calatheacrew #newgrowth #happyplants #repotseason #calathea #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy

What is this sticky substance on the back of some of my leaves

Why are the edges all turning brown? What can I do?

Should I be concerned about Venus’ dead leaves in the pot or some of the browning leaves? How do I remedy? #CathedralWindows

Hi. Some of the lower leaves are curling up. The pot has good drainage. It gets some light indirect sunlight from a sky light. Any ideas? Thank you

Melody had to shift over from her favorite spot from the sun soo I got her a pot supported light (no base). #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantTherapy #PLANTMAFIA #GregGang

Yikes, need to increase poor JoJo’s watering schedule I think! #GregGang #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy