Silver Dragon

direct_sunlight Direct sunlight
2.0" pot
pot-drainage No drainage
🎂 Jul 17th

Baginda should be watered every 5 days and was last watered on Sunday Jul 17th.

#SilverDragon Discussion

This guy almost died on me a few times and now he finally has some roots!!

Huge victory! I got this alocasia and she had so many issues I had to cut off all the leaves and roots. She now is growing her first leaf 😭

#SundayAfternoon #CozySweaterPot #HappyPlants #PlantMoms #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #AlocasiaAddicts #SilverDragon My baby dragon has a snuggly pot now! #DIYPlanter project 🪴❤️

Gave my alocasia a hair cut because she’s been rough ever since I got her. Hopefully she’ll starting shooting out roots soon

Honestly not sure what else to do. I’ve changed it’s soil and lighting and it still looks like it’s turning yellow #silverdragon #help

She’s mega drooping today. I’m gonna bottom water her and hopefully that’s what she needs 🙏🏼

My silver dragon is stressed 😔 I just repotted her last night so I hope it’s just a quick recovery

Is this bad. It’s a baby leaf but it’s yellow.

Was just gifted this beautiful alocasia silver dragon and when I researched it online, it said it was a hard plant to take care of. Any tips?. Right now I have it in my bathroom and I am misting it every few days. It’s probably about 20 feet away from a north facing window. I also haven’t repotted it yet since I want it to get used to the environment, but any suggestions for the potting mixture? #SilverDragon #Alocasia

So a month or so ago I bought a #AlocasiaSilverDragon and well he didn’t do so hot because I made a boo boo and put him in a no drainage pot. There’s been a breakthrough though! One of the little corms I saved from him is sprouting! Elliot is made new and he’s a baby again! Thank you Lord!!! Can help but think of Jesus and how He makes us new when we receive Him! #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #Reborn #Alocasia #Grateful #GoBabyDragonGo