Japanese Maple

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🎂 Jul 6th

Mollie should be watered every 10 days and was last watered on Monday Jul 3rd.

#JapaneseMaple Discussion

Can I propagate Japanese maples by cuttings with an indoor grow light? I’ve done lots of research but the only thing I don’t have is a great spot outside to place the container. I am hoping there’s a way I can do this inside. Thanks!

Why is my Spring Delight Japanese Maple growing a red stem and leaves?

Hello! We are in grow season, but my bonsai is still not growing. Is something wrong with it? Can you help me?

Does this look like a fungus

I’ve noticed a weird web presence on Muhammad’s leaves. Any ideas and should I be worried?

Well everyone, meet "Sad Maple"... This tree had underwent a complete turnaround in the past few months. For a second, I thought it wasn't going to make it. But Sad Maple is back thriving! Attached is Sad Maple. Head into the gallery and just look at the turnaround. Amazing.

Spring is here, and bonsai maintenance has started! I worked on my Japanese maple ‘Fairy Lights’ and my flowering quince’Toyo Nishiki’! #BeforeAndAfter photos below 🌿 I remember that last fall a couple of people were asking about what to do for their bonsai trees, and I promised to post in the spring. Was that you, @sarahsalith and @Nataliesplants ? I’m posting step by step in the comments, if you’re still interested! I’ll also be making posts for my other trees in the coming weeks 😄 #BravelyBonsai #Bonsai #JapaneseMaple #JapaneseFloweringQuince

My Japanese Maple is leaning what can I do to help it?

Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with my Japanese maple it’s losing its leaves all off of one branch.

Japanese Maple?