Philodendron Birkin

direct_sunlight Direct sunlight
window-distance 1.0ft to light
sunlight-hours 1-3 hrs light
window-orientation South
4.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 Feb 11th
water@4x 0 Waters
snooze@4x 1 Snoozes
🔥 0x Streaks

Kardashian should be watered every 9 days and was last watered on Friday Feb 10th.

#Philodendron Discussion

snip browning leaves?

Not sure if this was a good idea… but here we go. Decided to take my new plant (picked up yesterday) and put it in water. As I was inspecting the pot from the nursery, it was full of fungus gnats and the new growth from the largest one was rotten and mushy still curled up. With as many damaged leaves as it has, this was the best one and I have been eyeing this plant for a bit. πŸ‘€. So, cleaned off the roots, sprayed them down, sprayed the leaves and transplanted into water. Wish me luck. #PropagationStation #

Does it look worse?

White tiny strings appeared. Anyone know what that is?

What types of oil can I use to deter insects on the earth and leaves? Peppermint oil?

Pests…. I don’t know where it came from? New dirt, re-potted and white mold and tiny insects appear 😭😨😱 what do I do?

It has been moist for more than a couple weeks it gets new leaves but they are not healthy.do I need to report?

Leaves continuously turning yellow

HELP! What is this brown stuff in the middle of the plant? I feel like it’s spreading? Is it mold or rot?

HELP GUYS!!! today I looked at my plant when I got home and it looked perfectly fine so did all the others and then I came back later after I went shopping and got dinner and I come in look at my plant. One of the leaves is really weird looking so I touched it and it fell off. Please let me know what I’m doing or what I need to fix or what’s going on. please help.οΏΌ #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PropagationStation #PlantTherapy #PetsAndPlants #NewPlantMom #PlantCorner #PlantShelfie