Crassula 'Moonglow'

grow-light Grow light
window-distance 2.0ft to light
window-orientation East
5.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Terracotta
soil-type Succulent
outdoor-plant Indoor
near-humidifier Near humidifier
🎂 Apr 14th
water@4x 6 Waters
snooze@4x 0 Snoozes
🔥 6x Streaks

Richard should be watered every 13 days and was last watered on Friday May 31st.

#Crassula Discussion

Yuck! 😨😖 Found one rotten leaf on my Crassula Moonglow! What now??

Help! What is happening to my String of Buttons? 😔

What's this guy??? I got a "weirdo" pack of succulents and this was one of them....I know the Greg ID is not right....

Crassula Moonglow update 🤩 I didn’t realize he was growing so fast there is a sizable difference in the first picture & second. one is from today & the second is from October 8th. In the first picture is about 18 sets of leaves & the second is 13 😱 I’m so happy it’s growing well because I was starting to think he was at a standstill… boy was I wrong ! Keeping progress pics is one of my fave ways to track the plants growing rate. 📏🤓 #HappyPlants #NewGrowth #NewGrowth #Crassula #Moonglow #BefAndAfter #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulents #GrowLights #GrowingSuccs #Succulents #PlantAddict

Got my plants from planet desert today, thank you to the #GregGang #gregteam for making this possible, I love that I was able to help so many people with their plants & have learned so much about mine as well. Gardening is a big part of my life & I never thought I would a part of a community that’s so awesome and knowledgeable! I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts, everyday & seeing what the Greg app will do next! I was able to get two of my wishlist plants & one other as thank you, for placing second this past month in top answers. 🤓🌱 I got a calico hearts, crassula ‘moonglow’ & a cotyledon ‘white sprite’ 🤍 I’m hoping they will do well, and acclimate to their pots well! If you have any care tips below feel free to comment ! #SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #FreshLeafFriday #PlantAddict #crassula #AndromischusTriflorus #PlantMail

Help with Crassula Moonglow


The app tells me my plant needs 10 mg of fertilizer. I have no idea how (or how little that is in ounces. Can you tell m? Thank you

My plant is looking a bit droopy, any idea what could cause this?

Is it do or die if I don’t have a drainage whole but have it in succulent soil and a porous pot?