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Drosera capensis 'Bot River'

2.0" pot
pot-drainage No drainage
🎂 Sep 4th

Your plant should be watered every 3 days and was last watered on Sunday Sep 4th.

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Plant identification

Ursula just wants to wish everyone a happy Monday #capesundew

I think@my CP is about to bite the dust!

Welcome to CP Club Thursday for this 3rd week of May 2024, 16th 🌟 OVER 80 MEMBERS !🌟 #cpclubthursday #theamigos #Seymour What an incredible week! Over 10 new members within a week ! THAT'S AMAZING! And so many new CPs and CP owners. So this week there is a SUNDEW competition so vote for your favorite SUNDEW at the following link: https:// And following up from last week’s VFTs, I have a separate post coming on potential VFT names and also little SUNDEW without a name so go to #helpmenamemyplant or go to this link: Add any interesting Carnivorous Plant (CP) facts, photos, or anything CP-related for this week. Or ask a question of our members related to CPs Join the CP just by clicking the link #cpclubthursday and clicking join. That is all it takes! Too easy! There is already a wealth of CP and VFT information so why not just join our growing CP community at #cpclubthursday! Happy Chompys 😊πŸͺ°πŸ¦ŸπŸš« #cpclubthursday #carnivorousplants #carnivorousclub #venusflytrap #sarracenia #pinguicula #nepenthes #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #happyplants #greggang #seymour #theamigos

Those tiny dew drops!! #capesundew #sundew #cpclubthursday #carnivorousplants #carnivorousclub #theamigos

#plantmememonday Welcome to the dessert course for Plant Meme Monday for JUNE the THIRD, 2024! πŸ˜…πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚ Hope you have your best plant memes ready (or stolen somebody else's LOL). Here's the main always click on the photo to see the full joke! πŸ˜€ πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ I hope you enjoyed them, I had a few laughs even putting them up πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Thanks for joining and I hope it makes your Monday, if not your week, start with a laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† Viewer discretion is always advised If you click on the hash tag #plantmememonday it takes you to the group page and then there is a β€œjoin” button on the top right hand side, click it until it says β€œjoined” and you will get notified of future posts that used that hashtag #plantmememonday #Seymour #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #happyplants #greggang #plantjokes #theamigos

Can a Sundew eat too many bugs?

Hello parents. Just purchased not too long ago and was wondering what she would eat? Does she look well? Any suggestions would be wonderful! TIA

Sad spoon leaved sundew

What’s a good pot for me to replant this in? It’s currently about 2.5 inches