Echeveria 'Blue Prince'

pot-drainage No drainage
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 Oct 28th

Beckham should be watered every 14 days and was last watered on Wednesday Oct 25th.

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What am I doing wrong?

#echeveria Any tips & advice?

Any day now! #Echeveria #Flowers

What are these bumps?

#WhatTheSuccWednesday I know I share her all the time recently, but she’s really just an exquisite succulent— an Echeveria ‘Angel Kissed’ is a stunner with the pink hues and greyish overcast. She also has a 4th flower opening while the first to open is slowly closing. Kinda symbolic, like the “as one door closes, another opens,” but with flowers! I forgot it was Wednesday, but I suppose on non-Wednesday days, #planthighlight can be nice for some special highlighting of plants you adore and find yourself staring at all day! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #SucculentLove #PlantTherapy #PlantLove #Echeveria #flowerpower

#BeforeAndAfter pictures of some succulents that are growing, and thriving right now. First picture- my Ice plant today, it’s tripled its size since I got it. It likes water and sun ! 2- Ice plant when I first got it, it was much smaller ! I really like this plant it would be great in any succulent arrangement. 3- my Echeveria Lola (I thought it was seraphina but the pink colors made me think otherwise) it’s finally doing better after all the rain, and growing again! 4- same Echeveria Lola about two months ago, etoliated, less compact and not too happy! I love seeing the progress in pictures cause you can really tell the difference! #Echeveria #IcePlant #NewGrowth #HappyPlants #GrowingSuccs #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad #Succulents #Succulent #ProgressPics #OutdoorGrowing #PlantAddict #PlantLove

I started my succie collection last fall & M.A.C was my quickest to thrive. Then, last month we got root gnats from a sub box (nightmare!) I used neem oil & let everyone's roots dry out. West facing, direct sun 3-6hrs, drainage Pics 4/24, today, 1/24.

Hey y’all. I just got this plant last weekend and it’s leaves are turning brown. I’ve only watered it once and my dog got a hold of it and took a bite out of it.😬 I’ve only had one other succulent and it died on me. Any advice would be amazing! Thanks!

I know the hashtag tag is What the Succ Wednesday, but today I'd like to propose #WhatTheFucculent Why. WHY do big box stores do this. Planting several species with different needs together into a pot that's a mile deep. They're succulents. WTF. Anyways. Got them all repotted into a snug new pot; at least the soil was decent and not soaking wet. #succulentsquad #succulentlove #succulents #echeveria #crassula #sedum #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #plantrescue

What do I do????