Purple Heart

direct_sunlight Direct sunlight
sunlight-hours 3-6 hrs light
window-orientation South
5.0" pot
pot-drainage No drainage
pot-type Terracotta
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 Jun 8th
water@4x 91 Waters
snooze@4x 3 Snoozes
🔥 19x Streaks

Joker should be watered every 9 days and was last watered on Wednesday Jan 24th.

#PurpleHeart Discussion

I am new to growing. First question? What do they mean fertilize 56 mg today. So, I need English lol. And what type. Are all fertilizers the same or does each plant need a different one?

@SUNSHiNEPLANTS Here’s Gill’s journey.

My lovely Trad "pale puma" (which is a hybrid, somewhere between a Pallida and a Sillamontana), Ghost got a LONG overdue haircut this morning! (in between me swatting up on plant lights, PPFD and DLI! 🤓), but as she has really CHUNKY stems I had to look for a different solution than my usual prop jar... Enter, my alcohol miniatures! 🤣 I saved the Ophir Gin bottles coz they were pretty and they've just been collecting dust for ages... I felt inspired! Lol the others were left over from a party LOOOONG ago! Lol, the next day I'd decanted the (tiny bits of) remaining spirits into these plain glass bottles rather than keep the full sized ones (& just Sharpied the lids, to know what was what lol)... But it still wasn't enough! so, being a hoarder who doesn't throw sh*t away I remembered I had empty spice and herb jars! PERFECTION!! for a skinnier stemmed plant I would've left the plastic "sprinkle" tops on. As the spice jars have only four holes, which would nicely hold four skinny stems.... As Ghost is a chunky girl I took them off but it made me wonder... What innovative prop jars do the #greggang use? I'm sure not everyone has bought proper ones so show me your goodies! 😜🤣 I'm always looking for new ways to reuse household items! #propegation #tradescantia #ReuseAndRelove! EDIT: these bottles were thoroughly cleaned AND sterilised before I used them this way! Lol 😂 EDIT 2: please forgive the filthy windows & surrounds!! 🫣 I've not got to that part of my "spring" cleaning yet! Hahaha 🤣 x

Leaf tips turning crispy

Full Sun or not

Anyone know what might be causing these holes? They’re not completely open. There’s that clear bit left. Only this leaf has it. Is it a pest? Disease?

I found tiny black specs on this plant as well as on my wandering dude cutting and rooted plants. I sprayed them last night with mint oil as of this morning my cutting, especially with my purple heart are hanging over half dead.

Do I cut it off?

THIS is why you share cuttings with friends and neighbors. I grew this #PurpleHeart #Tradescantia from a single cutting I received almost exactly a year ago. In late July she was full and happy. Unfortunately she is the one plant that didn’t survive my vacation in early August. A few days ago I chopped and propped what was left intending to basically start over. Fast forward to today when I spot this absolute bananas one on my next door neighbor’s porch. To my shock- it’s one I gave her that I propped from my original Purple Heart. I told her how sad mine was and next thing I know she’s letting me chop the baby. So officially starting over but technically still the same plant!!!!🤣🤣