Peperomia 'Hope'

window-distance 7.5ft to light
window-orientation NW
3.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 May 19th
water@4x 1 Waters
snooze@4x 2 Snoozes
🔥 0x Streaks

Bella should be watered every 5 days and was last watered on Wednesday May 22nd.

#Peperomia Discussion

Peperomia hope leggy?

Unhappy Propagate

Can I cut this trailing piece and put it back into the soil?

I regret to inform that Whoopee passed away... :( To make the comeback of the century! Say hello to the Whoo-pee-wees, the baby versions of Whoopee the plant :D Whoopee may have lost his iconic whoppee cushion leaf and his green, but he'll be back soon, healtheir than ever #HappyPlants #GregGang #plantsmakepeoplehappy

Will she be okay?

Happy late #WhatTheSuccWednesday #GregGang I didn’t think I had an update yesterday for my succulents so I didn’t post. But I just noticed some fresh #NewGrowth on Hope that I didn’t see yesterday. #Peperomia

What’s up with my peperomia hope??

Great news!! Whoopee's inflated leaf seems to be naturally flattening and he's no longer wrinkly!! Also if you look closely you can see a few baby things bunched up at the base :) #happyplants #GregGang

#beforeandafter I thought, what better way to show off this hashtag then my mystery, gassy plant? I present to you, Whoopee! He went from a single leaf (which I don't have pics of sadly to a long boy to a bloated king πŸ’ͺ fortunately he's quite alright and the bloat is just his quirk #PlantWisdom I've learned is that plants can apparently get gassy πŸ˜‚ never knew this before

Remember my balloon guy? After two days, he is still inflated!! However weirdly enough, he seems perfectly healthy and is showing no signs of unhappiness. This balloon may be his new little quirk now, seeing as he seems pleased with it lol #GregGang #HappyPlants