Plant Swap

Pearls and Jade Pothos

grow-light Grow light
window-distance 2.0ft to light
window-orientation West
4.0" pot
pot-drainage Drainage
pot-type Plastic
soil-type Regular
outdoor-plant Indoor
🎂 Apr 15th
water@4x 5 Waters
snooze@4x 0 Snoozes
🔥 0x Streaks

Plant Swap should be watered every 5 days and was last watered on Tuesday Sep 19th.

#PearlsAndJadePothos Discussion

wormlike creature in pothos

New Plant 🪴 & New Pests 😖

I Can’t Stop!!! #PlantAddict I came home with this beautiful jade and pearls pothos today. It’s just very cute and also looks like I can take lots of cuttings and propagate a bunch of little plants, which is sounding very soothing, and peaceful compared to working and adulting. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PearlsAndJadePothos #PothosPack #ADHDPLANTLOVERS #NeurodivergentandPlanty #neurodivergentplantaddicts

New around here but wanted to share some new growth I’m proud of. Got this guy from my mom early jan and he wasn’t in great shape but now he’s put out 2 leaves since I got him and is working on a third! They’re huge compared to the old ones as well. #NewGrowth

I may have made a mistake but n’joy (I think) sproutacus looks like it was declining. I believed it was in too big of a pot and I got this snowy morning today that needed new potting so I decided to put them together I am expecting this to be a failure, but I’m still hoping it works  #pothos #PothosNJoy #pothossnow #repot #plantmixing

Best Soil for Pothos?

Sun burnt or pests?

Was moving in together a mistake? I have two lil Pearls and Jade pothos props I’ve been struggling to grow, but my neon pothos prop is growing like gangbusters, so I put the lil guys in with the neon, in the hopes the magical rooting powers of the pothos will be greater than the sum of their parts. Was that a bad idea, or will it potentially help? I’m out of ideas for the P&Js…it’s been non stop drama since May. They aren’t dead yet though, so I just keep trying stuff…. Advice is much appreciated #Propagation #PropExperiments

My girl Sadè has been growing a rat tail. In the past 2 months it’s gotten so long !! I’m sure she’ll need a repot next spring\summer season she’s already looking alil cramped in this pot. By the way who else has this pot? Did anyone think how we gonna get this plant out in the future ? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😅

Pothos’ tips getting brown?