Mr. Bones

Shirley Temple Air Plant

2.0" pot
pot-drainage No drainage
🎂 Oct 3rd
water@4x 24 Waters
snooze@4x 6 Snoozes
🔥 0x Streaks

Mr. Bones should be watered every 19 days and was last watered on Monday Jan 2nd.

#ShirleyTempleAirPlant Discussion

I see the recommendation for watering is 1/4 cup on here. I thought it was best to spritz with water. How do others water air plants?

Leaves yellowing

Greg's app. says to plant air plant my Shirley Temple in soil....I've read that you don't plant in soil. What's the right answer?

Greg's app. also says to water my air plants...spray or soak?

Willow is looking a little worse for wear because sometimes, when we open the window in the kitchen & then close it, her tendrils get caught!๐Ÿ˜ฎ Maybe I should move her. #airplant #greggang EDIT: Is that a pup on the lower right side of the base of willow?!? The green sprig?! Bit of a closer pic in comments. Possible #newgrowth !

Browning air plant

By the look of her what should I do different ? The leaves are turning brown , I havenโ€™t watered in about 3 days

Moved Willow after a bath to a teeny glass globe. Same kitchen window! ๐Ÿ˜ #airplant #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #greggang

Anybody need a hand? ๐Ÿซด๐Ÿ˜œ Or maybe something about it being a green thumb, but it's silver instead..? I dunno, but... Tolkien has found a new home in a silver hand on the wall! #plantsmakepeoplehappy #happyplants #greggang #airplant #blushingbrideairplant #plantaddict #planttherapy

Just got the plant yesterday as a gift and itโ€™s gorgeous. I donโ€™t want to over water it. My app says I should water it every 6 days but from what I read it should be every 2 weeks. I have a grow light on it 9 hours a day. What should I do?