Summer Red Maple

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🎂 Apr 7th

Maple should be watered every 11 days and was last watered on Thursday Apr 4th.

#maple Discussion

Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with my Japanese maple it’s losing its leaves all off of one branch.

My Japanese Maple is leaning what can I do to help it?

I planted this tree & watering according to directions but each day the leaves continue to curl inward and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Does this look like a fungus

Help with Japanese Red Maple (Acer Palmatum) care.

Spring is here, and bonsai maintenance has started! I worked on my Japanese maple ‘Fairy Lights’ and my flowering quince’Toyo Nishiki’! #BeforeAndAfter photos below 🌿 I remember that last fall a couple of people were asking about what to do for their bonsai trees, and I promised to post in the spring. Was that you, @sarahsalith and @Nataliesplants ? I’m posting step by step in the comments, if you’re still interested! I’ll also be making posts for my other trees in the coming weeks 😄 #BravelyBonsai #Bonsai #JapaneseMaple #JapaneseFloweringQuince

Curling leaves on a #JapaneseMaple

Well everyone, meet "Sad Maple"... This tree had underwent a complete turnaround in the past few months. For a second, I thought it wasn't going to make it. But Sad Maple is back thriving! Attached is Sad Maple. Head into the gallery and just look at the turnaround. Amazing.

I’ve noticed a weird web presence on Muhammad’s leaves. Any ideas and should I be worried?

Hello! We are in grow season, but my bonsai is still not growing. Is something wrong with it? Can you help me?