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🎂 Sep 1st

Beckham should be watered every 12 days and was last watered on Tuesday Aug 29th.

#Avocado Discussion

HELP Why is she so unhappy? She wants to grow branches and leaves but they keep tuning brown. I started her from a seed at least 2 years ago and she’d drop leaves over winter but be brilliant in spring & summer. πŸ˜” #Avocado

What do you think? Time to give the #AvacadoPlant bonsai a root trim? A spa day indeed needed. Root trim, soil refresh and a (fabulous) new rock.

Do avocados like to be root bound? I have 3 in a big pot.

Im used to my avo tree leaves turning brown and falling off when it’s pushing out new leaves, but what’s this?

What is on the leaves and what can I do about it?

The leaves of my avocado plant are brown on their end, why is that and what do I do about it?

Good morning!! #we have a avocado tree that is 3 years old now - we pruned it and it was thriving then out of no where the leaves started turning crispy at the edges but remained green. All leaves have fallen off. The ends of the branches are turning black where pruned. I tried cutting off the black and it came back. I transplanted the plant into dry soil and trimmed off rotten roots. I need some help - not sure what to do. We love this plant!!!

I have an avocado tree that I grew from the seed. I've never had any issues with its care, but about two months ago it came down with fungus gnats. I used neem oil, hydrogen peroxide and water mixture, dawn dish soap and water mixture, cinnamon, and repotted it all over a period of about two months as to not overwhelm my plant. Since I have repotted about a week ago,I have been watering as scheduled in this app and it is becoming droopier and droopier. The leaves are also browning and crisping. This is the most important plant to me in my home please help 😭 my pot has drainage as well and it gets about 6 hours of sunlight about 3ft from the window daily. #help #questions #Avocado #fungusgnats

Am I overwatering this avocado?

Hey guys, I'm back... Husband had me committed shortly after my last post and I've been gone for nearly two months. But I'm finally home and doing better... Came home to a couple dead plants, and most of the rest on death's door. These guys however, have been quite busy in their little propbox while I've been away! Look at them go! #avocado #avocadoexperiment #propagationstation #propagation #propdontshop #propbox #propagationfever #happyplants #notsohappyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #newgrowth #planttherapy #BackPorchBois #WickedValkyrie