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🎂 Apr 29th

Terra should be watered every 11 days and was last watered on Wednesday Apr 26th.

#Lavender Discussion

LOOK what my husband just sent me for Mother’s Day! He’s out of town for work and this was delivered. I sent him a message saying β€œyou really DO love me and GET ME!!!” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Instead of him saying β€œyou don’t need not one more plant in this house!” He is actually buying them for me!!! #trueloveisbuyingplants #PlantAddict #Lavender #mothersday #BestHusbandEver

Happy #freshleaf Friday from luna the lavender plant she's sprouting a new sprout today πŸ’šπŸ˜Š

Just planted new lavender seeds

Bought lavender seed almost a month ago and there still hasn't been a sprout yet. Still waiting for an opportunity for it to grow. Any tips for lavender?

Hi, guys. So we went on a trip for three days and I find my lavender droopy. I watered it last night and today it’s still droopy. What do I do?

Our Lavender did not make it #rip Frenchy still going strong though! #learningexperiences πŸ˜”

Recently became a plant daddy, and my mission is to save plants form the clearance section and give them another opportunity to thrive again! I’m introducing myself with my first rescue, this was so dry to the bone. I did my first real repot in hope to see it grow again. I’m really all new to this and this app as been real help, great advice from others. Enjoying the app, hope to meet some cool people on here. #NewGrowth

Why does my plant look so droopy

How come my new Lavender is wilting? It was fine two days ago. It's in a west facing window which should be enough. Is it something to do with water? I adopted it 4 days ago, after finding it thrown under a shelf at Home Depot and growing sideways to get sun.

This smells like lavender but I do not see anything that looks like it on greg. It scans for all different things, but I think it is lavender. Any thoughts on what type it might be?