Growing with Pothos 'Jade'

Large, lush leaves
Blooms easily
Easy to propagate

I love how Pothos plants can grow in a lot of different environments and that they don’t need to be watered frequently in order to survive. I also like how easily they can be grown by just planting a single vine from the plant, so it’s easy to take a piece of the plant and plant in a new pot! I love the long vines Pothos creates which are just beautiful and so fun to play around with! It’s so easy to care for! The only thing I do not like about this plant is that it is not pet friendly. I’ve read and heard that Pothos won’t kill a pet, but that it can make a pet sick. So I have to make sure I keep it far away from my cats! I still love this plant! It’s one of my faves! 😁💕